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What is Big Data

The article explains that what is big data:

Big data has been seen to evolve in the 20th century. In 1940, the computers were created in order to provide the tool What is Big Datato the people so that they can collect the data. The big data has become extremely important then for the purpose of collecting, processing as well as analyzing the big quantities of the data (Tuttit 2012). In the past seven decades, those e quantities have seen to be grown. In the report of IDC, it has been estimated that 1.8 zettabytes would be created by the world by 2011 and by 2020. The rate would be 50 percent more. The era of the big data has been started.

The big data means capturing the data and analyzing it as well. These have been evolved from the database management in the 1960 and from the data warehousing in 1970. Then the knowledge discovery in the database in 1980 and then the enterprise resource planning as well as mining in the 1990 and moving to the customer relationship management as well as business analytics in 2000. The term big data has been seen to join all of the concepts in order to create a simple concept for all the people. The big data has also very much importance in the daily life too. The data also provide the important opportunity for the business so that it can increase its productivity. There are many challenges with it too as the people see it very complex and there is the lack of adequate technology among the people.

Big data is helping in the science; engineering is called the data science. The scientist and engineers are working on that. They transform the semi and unstructured data into the structure data. The data also helps in opening the governmental data so that the people can change as well as improve their life. It is also helping in improving the financial industry in china. They have implemented the data as well as analyzed it in the data mining it also helps in improving the financial risk management.

Japan has also received many highlights in achieving the big data success. It has helped them in economic development as well as in the hospital management, improving the customer’s market, controls the traffic flow as in improving the cities educational programs. The government has also made the new funding program for the big data research like in the genomics and in the agriculture.

The other countries like Australia, UK, and the US have a Global View on Big Data also seen very much success. It has improved their economies and they will still improve. The main purpose was to provide the readers with the overview of the big data around the world. It is seen as very much comprehensive and informative to look at the current trends as well as the emerging developments. It has been seen that the big data is helping in rapidly changing the world and will make more progress in the future.

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