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Walk Shoes Company Case Study Solution


Walk Shoes is one of the leading Irish independent footwear companies that deals in women products. They offer a Walk Shoes Company Case Study Solutionwide variety of boots to the various consumer segments. The company is also recognized for embracing traditionally manufactured leather products and designs that are appealing to the buyers. Another aspect is that the company supports imaginative and innovative brands as well as craftsmanship from the rest of the world that are environmentally friendly.

The mission of the company is to ensure that there is functionality, quality and simplicity in product and service delivery. Examples of the various labels that are commonly sought by the buyers include Oak and Hyde, Arche, Dr.Martens, Camper, Ugg Australia among other popular products. Walk Shoes is also one of the Small and Medium Enterprises that was a beneficiary of the optimize fund geared towards revolutionizing E-commerce practices in Ireland. Among the issues that were to be addressed included consultancy, training and development to boost the capability of the company.

The involvement of the company in E-commerce is of the essence as the features of E-commerce are highlighted in the daily operations of the business. These include in the delivery of products and services, marketing and management of supply chain by electronic means. There is also the need for automation or the introduction of appropriate technology that will impact on the handling of business transactions as well as workflows. Service delivery is of the essence that focuses on efficiency in terms of the speed as well as quality aspects.

An interactive online platform is also of importance that focuses on the ease of both buying and selling of products with accurate information. The reasons for introducing E-commerce are mainly anchored on attracting new customers/sales, enhancing increased reputation as well as reduced administration.

  • Attracting New Customers and Boosting Sales

E-commerce is of the essence in attracting new customers. There is need to create better performance search engines that lead to increase in orders from new consumers. The user experience is critical in attracting customers. Introduction of innovation is also critical because it can impact on the flexibility of operations. This makes it possible for Walk Shoes Company to deliver a wide range of products at a reduced time to the market. It also leads to customer responsiveness and thus increased sales are realized.

It is also possible to boost the marketing strategies of the company.E-commerce enables behavioral targeting that focuses on the evaluation of the customer trends regarding the reading of online content, use of the available online services and purchasing of the different products. This enables the company to initiate strategies intended to attract potential buyers. It also becomes easy to do product marketing through adoption of product promotion strategies.

Intelligence is another common attribute of the internet. It is a cost effective tool in market research. Customer preferences and choices on the various products are easily analyzed. It can be a significant tool in the creation of two way feedback. It is possible to influence the customer perceptions on the available products through the internet. It becomes relatively easy to interact with the financial service providers on the online service levels that can lead to future improvements in service delivery. Thus it is possible to respond to customer behavior in real time. Web analytics is available in E-commerce where as users click on the links the information is recorded and becomes vital in decision making.

Customer extension is another aspect that can be facilitated by E-commerce thus attracting customers. It encourages cross sales for example multiple payment options such as credit cards and PayPal that are convenient payment tools. Direct e-mail is a desirable element in informing the customers about the company’s products and ensures there is new content as well as publicizing existing products. There are also other technological solutions including applications that can be beneficial to the organization. Information systems also improve customer experience.

Online segmentation is also possible when deploying social networking platforms. It involves detailed customer profiling and customer purchase history that informs the company on the customer lifetime value through advocating for online services over time. The segmentation and targeting focuses on the identification of the customer lifecycle groups, identifying the customer profile characteristics, behavior in response and purchase as well as multi-channel behavior that will positively impact the business ability to attract customers.

It can also help Walk Shoes Company equip the customers with diverse information on the existing brands. Product description and customer reviews help in making judgement on future operations. Development of interactive websites, pages and other essential tools that use internet search engines is of the essence because it can improve the placement of the company thus attracting buyers. Brand awareness and familiarity also translates to the volumes of sales.

  • Enhancing Increased Reputation

E-commerce emphasizes on the use of the internet to boost the reputation of the enterprise and this is critical to the company. There is need to build more opportunities for the business to connect with the prospective customers. This in turn leads to a high rate of customer retention. Improving the online service quality is another vital aspect. This is based on the service quality including the pricing and manufacture of the issues that are of importance to the buyers.

The adoption of the internet facilities is of the essence including tangibles that ensure there is visual appeal on the design of websites and other interactive facilities. Customers are attracted to easily operable and accurate content. Responsiveness is another aspect that is influenced by the performance of the company’s internet facilities. The ability to deliver automated responses in a timely manner is of the essence and can be facilitated by E-commerce.

Walk Shoes Company also needs to assess the internet adoption trends. This is of the essence in analyzing the demand and setting the rates for the different online services. The provision of the E-commerce services enables the customers to embrace specific online platforms set up by the company to sell products. The benefits of the online services include that it will be easier for the company to disseminate content to the prospective customers with ease. This can be of the essence in relationship building. Mass customization of content as well as creating convenience to the users is another beneficial aspect of adoption of E-commerce.

E-commerce will also increase the competitive advantage of Walk Shoes Company. This is because it will be possible to facilitate the supplier purchases and also manage the end needs of the customers. This in turn impacts on the on the efficiency of the business in terms of adjusting to the changing business conditions. It also allows the business to develop solutions that ensure that personalized services are delivered to the customers. The understanding of the products often leads to customer loyalty.

  • Reducing Administration

This can be enhanced by adoption of E-commerce trends that focus on ensuring an easily manageable supply chain. This involves aligning the supply activities from the suppliers to the delivery of services to the end customers. It helps the company in restructuring its activities to conform to the practices of the contemporary footwear industry. It plays a critical role in the both material and information flow in an organization.

E-commerce makes it possible to embrace workflow management that is fundamental to businesses. Automation results in improving customer service as well as improved efficiency. There are various workflow software that can assign tasks to individuals, enhance collaboration and sharing of information and vital information regarding the supply chain. It can also be of significance in assessing the status and performance of each team.

A performance management system is also possible in E-commerce. This influences the returns that are going to be realized by the business. The effectiveness of different processes can be addressed by automation. The objectives of business that can be addressed include the corporate, marketing as well as communication that result in operational efficiencies. Data driven automation is common in a majority of ventures. This is of necessity because it focuses on issues such as customer channel preferences, management of displayed content among other vital administration aspects.

E-commerce will also lead to cost savings for the company. The significant reduction in the costs provides the opportunity to improve the competitiveness in branding of the shoe products. The speed and interactive capabilities of the internet platforms are going to create numerous opportunities including the ease of expansion of retail activities. It also becomes easy to initiate sensitivity analysis tools that focus on business intelligence and monitoring aspects that greatly impact on business operations.

In conclusion, E-commerce will be vital to the operations of Walk Shoes Company. This is because it will impact on the online experience of the customers, enable the company assess the customer preferences and deploy appropriate marketing strategies. Improvement of the online service quality is also possible through initiating E-commerce. The demand can be assessed and appropriate dissemination of product information to the customers. It can also ensure ease of managing the supply chain and operational costs thus impacting on administration aspects.


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