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VIVA Kuwait Telecom Company Internship Report


I did the internship in “Telecommunication Company- VIVA Kuwait”. The company is telecom service provider inVIVA Kuwait Telecom Company Internship Report the Kuwait, thus, they gave most innovative solutions, the company has around 201-500 employees. I worked in the accounts department and there was learning of the accounting management regarding various and effective accounting aspects. My contribution was effective, as an accountant because I participated in various financial activities regarding the account payable management etc. there is better focus on preparing and collecting the finical records of business accounting activities. The accounts department focuses on accounting management and related financial principles, thus, I have relevant knowledge of accounting aspects and gain the professional understanding of my hidden qualities.

Description of the Organization

I have done the internship in “Telecommunication Company- VIVA Kuwait”; it is the youngest telecom service provider in the Kuwait. The company was established in 2008 and it is growing steadily with the telecom and technological market, however, it is a sizeable market, which is providing benefits to many customers, the company has around over 2.4 million customers in the countries and it has the share of 32% in Kuwait market. Moreover, VIVA Kuwait has the most innovative solutions, as a customer is given the benefits regarding mobile or telecom services (Viva.com, 2017).

The company main office is located in Salem Al Mubarak Street Salmiya, Hawalli and focused on the most advanced telecom, as it is known as best provider in Kuwait, the company has the growth and solid returns.  VIVA Kuwait is doing continuous efforts so that there could advancement in the telecom process; they have the best labor, which is focused on the continuous efforts. The company has around 201-500 employees. The company has telecommunication related activities, the products line focused on providing the best services example, router bundle offer, mini router, VIVA locator and other new promotions etc. VIVA Kuwait has so many competitors in the Kuwait market, example, the major competitors are Zain Group, Ooredoo, Saudi Telecom etc. The company is focused on effective, telecommunications services so that there could be recognition in a positive way, in Kuwait region.

Internship Expectations

In the VIVA Kuwait, I worked in accounts department there was learning of the accounting management regarding various and effective accounting aspects. There was a great learning of the company financial activities in the market. My internship expectations were to get the knowledge accounts operations and to gain the higher level of experience in my field that how financial principles are applied in organizations, thus, I got the confidence and learning through participating as an intern in accounting management of VIVA Kuwait.

Regarding focus on organizational hierarchy, the VIVA Kuwait have Chairman named, Dr. Mahmoud Ahmad Abdulrahman Mahmoud and Dr. Khaled Ben Hussain Ben Biyari is the Vice Chairman of the company. Moreover, the company board member includes many people including Mr. Ahmad Abdullah Ali Al-Turki other than him Mr. Ameen Ben Fahad Ben Abdulaziz Al-Shiddi. Mr. Salah Ahmad Meshari Al-Fouzan, Dr. Moaeed Ben Huwaij Al Saloom and Eng. Zyad Mohammad Al-Khwaiter are other board members of a company. Eng. Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Badran is the chief executive officer (CEO) of the company; Mr. Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Qatie is the chief finance officer of the company andMr. Essam Al Assoussi is the chief corporate affairs officer (Viva.com, 2017).

VIVA, is the fastest-growing company in Kuwait because has the efficient board member, the people of the company are doing efforts and contribution in order to bring the effective development stage. The company is recording higher profits since years, as company’s executive management is assisting the company; the management team is fully responsible for the progress of company VIVA.

My contribution was effective, as an accountant because I was focused and participated in various financial activities regarding the account payable management or accounting data and the preparing of the valuable financial reports. There was the understanding and learning through analyzing the account information which was relevant to the financial information in order to complete the database of the customer and company financial accounts.

Structure the Department Related to Major

In company VIVA Kuwait, I did the internship, as an accountant I was focused on maintaining the financial information of the company, which is related to my major, as the duties were to inform the management about the company financial activities. I participated in various financial activities, as my important tasks were focused on account payable management, in which I analyzed the accounting data and the preparing the financial reports. I focused on the asset, liability, and capital of the company, as being a part of an accounting department of VIVA Kuwait, I maintained accounts payable by recording and processing of the various financial transactions.

Regarding talking about the accounting department of the VIVA Kuwait, the company department is dealing with the financial information; there is the information regarding the decision-making of the company, moreover, the company department is gathering financial information of the market, so that effective activities of a business could be carried out (Weygandt, Kimmel, & Kieso, 2010). As an accountant, I have noticed that everyone in the department is concerned about market and business activities; there is the better focus on preparing and collecting the finical records of business financial activities, of other companies. The companies are summarizing and classifying the management and business-related careers activities. Moreover, the team the team is working together, in order to make the effective decisions on company finances and better prepare for the market situations. The members have the knowledge of accounting skills and accounting cycle as they are managing the departmental activities in an effective way, thus, the company accounting procedures providing the business with the cumulative results.

Duties Discussion

There were different task associated or assigned to me as I made effectively, data entry while, coordinating with the team, in order to ensure invoices, there were the tasks related to accurate supplier database. Through analyzing the account information, there were views on documents account transactions; I also recommend financial actions to the company so that there could be the analysis of the company financial situation. Thus, I maintained the financial transactions regarding auditing documents and collecting or analyzing the account information. There are relevant, financial information, I also helped in completing database backups example, advising management through supporting the customer confidence, and I was concerned about keeping financial information much confidential.

In the company I focused on financial principles, as there were delivery and exports in an effective way, by the accounting department, I have learned various financial strategies that how to manage financial reports, there was the knowledge of the professional experiences. I also come to know about my hidden skills and talent; I learned how to participate as a member of the financial reporting team. Regarding my everyday tasks and duties, I performed tasks in the department, as managers were there to guide me. There, I have gained relevant knowledge accounting purposes and the accounting policies and procedures that are important to focus on the department to run operation effectively in the market. I have developed and gain the advancement in the accounting operations and learn the regulations that are important to manage the accounting aspects and principles.

Organizational Assessment

Through the focus on the organizational assessment of the VIVA Kuwait, it could be said that company is a best telecom service provider in Kuwait market because the company had the valid performance, as the factors are effective for the better performance. Moreover, the company is supporting investment and focused on the account risk that could be in the market. I have worked in accounting department so it is known that company VIVA Kuwait is effectively participating so there could be the better evaluation of the business performance. In the department, I was working in the have the knowledge of the technological market because the company wants it to stay competitive and advance in the telecom sector. The accounts department thereof the company has learned of the accounting management and related financial principles. Thus, while assessing the activities regarding accounting measure, it could be known that there are effective accounting aspects.

While organization assessment, company also has the satisfied customers, in the country, as there are focus on providing the benefits to them better than other competitive companies provide, as a fastest-growing company the company has managed the effective relationship officers and the efficient board member, who are doing efforts and contribution in order to bring the effective development stage. I have good learning of the accounting aspects there, as an accountant; I was focused on maintaining the financial information and various market aspects of the company. VIVA Kuwait is gaining the better result in financial activities because the team is managing the process effectively. I analyzed that the accounting data is much focused so that there could be preparing the financial reports, the employees are motivated in the company, based on the reason the company had the values, thus business-related careers activities based on motivational knowledge of accounting skills and accounting cycle. VIVA Kuwait is managing the departmental activities or activities of every department in an effective way.

Work Environment

The work environment is something that can bring the effectiveness in the company operations, as the people of the company are positively influenced to bring the effectiveness’ in the operation, this is the reason that VIVA Kuwait has the best teams and company is taking care of the human right. My leader has the “transformative” and “participative” leadership style as he always motivate us, to share the experiences and helped us in various ways. There is relaxing work environment provided to everyone, moreover, company has the culture of equality so that employees could be given equal importance, as an intern I was not able to manage all the tasks given to me because I do not have the relevant skills something, but the teams and subordinates there are really helpful.

The people are talented over there and managing the performance or the tasks in department effectively. VIVA Kuwait is better concerned about rights and ethics, which are, need to be given to the employees, the CEO’s of the company, take to employees personally if employees face issues in the company. There is more importance given on giving the protection to the employees, the company has the better ethical understanding that how employees could learn in the competitive environment.

There is the better focus to provide the new ideas to the company so that there could be efficiency in the tasks. The company has the effective inside culture because oral communication is encouraged there, manager is always ready to help the employees if they are facing issues regarding company technical competence. Respect for the religions and languages the employees are given the comfortable environment so that there could be a harmonious working environment. Thus, working in account payable teams, I can say that the company VIVA Kuwait helps employees and internees are given the opportunities to learn so that they could able to assist the company. The company has the efficient and competitive workforce. I have enjoyed the feedback given by the manager of an accounting department; there they gave encouragement to the interns so that they could learn and make their future brighter.

Lesson Learned

Working in Telecommunication Company- VIVA Kuwait I have learned and gained the knowledge of professional skills, as there is the effective understanding of the management and the aspects that how a company is growing steadily with the telecom process in the market. There is the learning about accounts department that how a financial operation is managed in the company and how a company is managing the learning of the accounting management. There was the effective learning as what I have expected because I have the relevant knowledge of accounting aspects, there was the efficient advising management that helped to learn about accounting policies. There I come to know about my hidden talents of communication and another professional, it was a great experience and I have learned relevant knowledge regarding accounting purposes. Finally, I analyzed that I am able to plan my career in accounting subjects, the greatest lesson I learned was regarding account payables that how management could get the help the company to manage the account effectively for the growth.

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