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Art is essential in communicating the ideas and opinion of an individual. It expresses the culture and economic activities of people during a particular period. It also sharpens the communication skills of a person. Art is a source of income since those who do drawings are well paid for their artwork.

Summary of the Papers

The Fishermen: Contextual analysis describes the artwork of Morsi where he depicts six men who are fishermen. In this piece of art, the painter describes the cultural and economic activities of this particular population. The painting outlines fishing as their primary economic activity. Besides, it depicts that men are the sole breadwinners. The main activity of men is to engage in the fishery so as to provide food for their families. The painting also shows men of different race who are involved in fishing. As such, it portrays the importance of embracing diversity in carrying out economic activities. Morsi has also used a unique blend of colors to inspire the viewer concerning the artwork. The pieces presented in the artwork also show that animals and people can peacefully coexist. It portrays a picture of the cat given a fish to consume. As such, it is the responsibility of the man to take care of the animals by providing their meals to ensure peaceful coexistence. From the artwork, women and children are not supposed to engage in economic activities. The children are expected to play while women stay at home awaiting the men to provide for them. This paper outlines my analysis and communication skills of an artistic work. Through this paper, one can tell that I have a good command of the language and can easily pass information regarding an artwork.

The artist statement describes the passion and enthusiasm that the artist has towards religion especially the Catholic denomination. It depicts a picture of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus surrounded by saints and prophets. The artwork is a great inspiration since it enables the artist to earn a living and to inspire others to love art. The artist aims to encourage the youth to understand and appreciate the importance of artwork. The paper describes my skills in communicating ideas through drawing. It portrays me as a person who has a great potential of inspiring others to love art.

The artwork depicting the King’s authority is valuable since it illustrates the status of the King in the society. I have used different visual elements such as composition to describe the importance and the authority of the King in the society. The artwork outlines my organization and the drawing skills. Besides, it describes my skills in interpreting the artistic works.


My career goal is to become a great artist, who can work on different pieces of drawings to communicate my ideas about events, people, occasions and culture of a particular group of people. I am also interested in inspiring the youth to love arts. This will enable them to earn a living and improve their standards of living. As such, I am looking forward to establishing different art centers where youths can be trained and motivated to love arts. I am interested in these career goals since they would open more opportunities that would allow me to advance my career and inspire others to pursue arts as their major. I am motivated to provide entertainment to the members of my society and the world at large. This can only be achieved through arts. Many people find it interesting and exciting to view different kinds of paintings. Some paintings glorify God while others communicate about the culture and economic activities of a particular group of people. I am also motivated to have these career goals since it would enable me to inspire the youths and exploit the potential of those who are interested in arts. In this case, they will be able to earn a living from the different kinds of the artwork they will make. For instance, Christians from all walks of life love pictures that portray the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. Such pictures improve their faith and draw them nearer to their Creator.

To succeed in this career, one is required to work on different drawings and be in a position to interpret the artwork. Besides, one is bound to interact with various successful artists who have excelled in the career. In this case, I would be able to learn from their strengths and weaknesses and position myself to become an admired artist. Furthermore, I am required to undergo apprenticeship by taking different internships. This will enable me to become aware of what is required to develop different artwork including the ones depicting people’s culture, politics and economic activities among others.

This portfolio has enabled me to hone my communication skills. I can interpret an artwork to different audience. I have also been able to improve my skills on how to blend different colors to create various artworks that can arouse the mood of the people. Through this, I have been able to develop various artworks that communicate about the culture, political and economic activities of a particular people.

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