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Value Travels & Tours Inc Online Booking Website

Travel Booking Website

Value Travels & Tours Inc Online Booking Website

The name of the company is Value travels. Com that are providing E-commerce business which is termed as making online bookings of the people who wanted to travel to different countries with their families or alone as well. People always wanted to go to the abroad places with best facilities and best services so that they can remain more comfortable and enjoy their stay outside their home. The people wanted the quality with normal rates as well because they do want to make their visit very much expensive so that it became a big burden for them and those without enjoying that stay remain to disturb by inefficient services and too much expense they bear. The good quality services are available with best and reasonable rates are always welcomed by the passengers or we can say customers to get happy and comfortable at stay.

The type of business in E-Commerce field by Value travels is that they are providing not only the ticket booking services to the people on cheap rates but also they are providing the bookings of other facilities that must be needed by them like accommodation facilities rooms bookings, food bookings like until they do not reach the hotel. The booking of a cab that takes them to the hotel they are going to stay during their visit.


The mission of Value Travels. Com is to provide the best and efficient services to the people in terms of making their visit easy and comfortable so that people rely more on their services and always consult with them while taking the outside tours. Value Travels. Com’s mission is to provide affordable with the best quality working to the customers and allow them to feel secure in taking our company’s services without any hesitation. Such services are easily given if the company focuses on the efficiency and quality workings in such services they are going to provide to the people.


The vision of Value Travel.com is to take the highest place in the E-commerce business as they are gopi9ng to provide the travelling facilities to the people as well as they are going to be most effective in providing high-quality services to the people with the best timing. The on-time delivery is the main aim or vision of the Company to be achieved with the best feedback by the customers after they take their services for their abroad visits.


Value Travels & Tours Inc Online Booking Website


There are many advantages in terms of booking online tickets for abroad visit from an online site because they are going to give you the best and most comfortable services so that they can make you visit their easy and comfortable as well as you can also book hotels and resorts at that place where you are going by these sites as this will makes your tension relieved by your side because they are going to help you and assisting you in providing you best facilities. The following are the advantages that are taken by people in terms of taking online ticketing facilities the people.

Saves Time

The first and the foremost advantage of the booking the tourism tickets online is that it saves the time of the people. Before the launch of Online booking function. People are going to wait long in the queue to book their tickets of that country where they wanted to go. The people find it very much hectic as well as it disturbs the mood of the people if they need to keep waiting in the queue. This not only saves the time of the people and allows you to choose easily from the list of a number of services from the travel agency from which they are going to concern with. (Price, 2017)

Save Money

It saves your money as most of the online booking travel agencies provide too many discounts to the people in terms of taking their services. Our company provides a bonus of around 40- 60 % on some of the countries as well as our company offers a special discount on the occasions and too far of country places in terms of making the customer more strong. This discount amount not only saves your money as well as it makes you able to trust the site in terms of booking tickets by them for your ease. (Chinaodysseytours.com, 2018)

Changes Can Be Made

When you consult with an online booking site, then it became very much important and as well as essential for the people, to get the changes if required. Sometimes people make minds of something other place or facility but when they consult with some w3biste of online booking and after viewing their facilities and accommodations on any other country or place with low rates and essentially best quality in services. First, you select something then after you wanted to change that thing you can amend it according to your desire and want after a short time. This facility makes you more comfortable and happy as well. (Rachel Oakley, 2018)

Various Choices

Customers are provided with a number of choices from which they can choose any of the thing or facility that they wanted to take from that booking site. Sometimes people even do not know what type of facilities they must avail from that site and the place where they are going have what places at it. Sometimes when they do not have such knowledge then that booking sites will provide them with the best possible information that they want from a site about the tour they are going to attend in the near future. My company provides a bulk of options from which user can easily choose.  (Hotelogix.com, 2011)


The prices they are going to offer on their online booking sites are less as compared to their original rates of the tickets and of other accommodations. Sometimes the prices of the hotels are more when we go there and are their rate list. However, they are going to give a facility to the people by offering them a discount in order to make the people more reliable and do more trust on their services in order to perform the best efficiency in serving them the best among other markets. If the prices you keep low then it will increase your website’s traffic.  (Bestday.com, 2018).

Makes The Profit Margin More

The online booking of the tickets not only gives benefit to the people who are going to concern with it but as well as it becomes very much comfortable for them to earn more profit with a great margin for the company as well as it makes the reputation of the company good in terms of making it positive for the others so that they can rely more on our site. Such facilities not only increase the efficiency of the booking sit but also to the other competitors in the same field. Such big margin is very much important for the people to take keenly. (Asenova, 2018)

Revenue Model

The advertising model in this business becomes very much essential and beneficial because online business needs to be advertised in order to get the more traffic to your website. The models are very much essential and important to maintain properly in order to make the working of the online working sites efficient and beneficial as well. Sometimes the models not only helps in making your workings efficient as well as they provide a better structure for your working organization’s efficiency. The advertising increases the efficiency of your work as well as generates more crowds for your business. (Rappa, 2010)

Payment Methods

Online businesses work on an online payment methods system in terms they have all the transactions work on online method. There are many types of online money transaction system have been introduced into the business of booking the tickets online. Value travels.Com introduces a system for the transaction, which is the most authentic, and used by too much system is the Pay Pal system through which people can submit their amount to Value travel.com at the time when they book the tickets online with our company. This payment method is very much fast and easy as well as it did not deduct any extra amount from the user. (Ward, 2016)


The services that are concerned with the personal aspects of the online booking of tickets business of Value Travels.Com. These services are not very much visible but they are essential to offer to the customers in order to make them rely on your services with best and positive results. Personalization is very much important to maintain the online businesses so that people are just concerning with you through the internet. You are not providing them physically your services so you must provide your best efficiency in personalization with the people. The more you are personalized with your customers the more you will be liked by them. (Siteminder.com, 2017)


Customization makes your business efficient and well established in order to make more interesting for the person who uses it. Customizations are the services that are provided by Value Travel.Com business to their users. Clients are paid faster as return amount by our system. We are providing 24/7 facilities to our clients. All the clients are considered separately and individually attended by our employees. The services we provide are very much efficient and relaxing for the customers. We are going to give our customers less traffic crowd who can disturb them by communicating them on an individual basis. (Korotya, 2016)

Global Reach

Globe reach is the feature that enables the working of the Value Travel.Com in terms of making them well known by the users. The best global reach is that when customers try to search for the best online booking guidance then they only have the site of Value Travel.com site on top. This makes them more efficient in the user’s eyes and as well, as allows them to take our services first except others. This is the best efficacy that needs to be done by every online ticket booking business of us. The global reach is the essential factor to look after by the online booking business. (Timeshighereducation.com, 1996)

Reflection Article 1

This article is about the people’s perception about the online payment system in an online booking system business. Our company Value Travels.Com is as you know an online business it deals only with the online payment methods it cannot be made payment on cash as hand to hand transaction like other companies. The online cash facilities by our company are much efficient and well organized that it did not cause any issue with the customers. The system runs very smoothly and as well as it does have a strong communication system with their customers in terms of maintaining their payment methods strong. (Wendy-Ming-Yen-Toh, 2013)

Now a day this type of business is growing on a high scale because this type of business makes the people very much easy and effective as well as it saves the time of the people in terms of making their working easy and by just sitting at home. The online booking system of Value Travels is very much efficient as well as it offers a lot of discounts and other facilities to the users in terms of providing them with the best services of booking online of the tickets and for the hotel stay as well in the country they wanted to go to. (Yofrendy, 2011)

Thee payment system is making the life of people very much easy and comfortable they are not only doing transactions in the international countries with their beloved once as well as they are also offering good services to their beloved once laying at the local places but far away from them. This system helps people in many other workings as well. Such organizations not only provide efficient services to their clients but also the most effective way of implementing them positively about their business. (Kabi, 2015)

Reflection Article 2

This article is about the reading of the workings of the managers in terms of making the business more efficient as well as they are going to make the workings easy and efficient for the organization as a first priority. Such businesses are considered very much effective as well as very much efficient in terms of being more valuable and attractive in the eyes of the customers. These customers make your business successful and grow it well in order to satisfy customers with best needs fulfillment of them. This article explanting all the essential and important factors that works best in this regard. (Stote, 2016)

The product market strategy is that factor on which businesses must have strong focus in terms of making the products of them very much efficient and interesting for the customers so that they can rely more on their services and as well as they have more trust on the company’s services that they do not harm them or deceive them in terms of investing with them at Any place to take their services. The more you do market of your product the more you get their best place in the terms of generating more customers towards your website. (Amit, 2007)

The use of the devices in your online business is the most important point in order to make customer easy from the use of the devices at your site. In order to make customers easy you must provide the high efficiency on the working of the organization very much important as well as very much efficient so that they can easily rely on the services you are providing to the people. Such products or devices not only are the identity of your business services as well as they reflects your services best to other competitors as a must. (Emeraldgrouppublishing.com, 2018)

Recommendations And Conclusion

It is strongly recommended to the Value Travel.Com to give the most essential services to the people who are going to take help from our company that the method they use for payment must be deduction free as well as your response must be very quick to the clients as well as the services you offer them are unique and different from others in terms of competing your competitors to rely people more on your services as compared to yours.

In the nutshell, it is said that the Online booking website of Value Travel. Com must be very much efficient as well as it should be made according to the needs of the people and it must provide too many options to the people so that people can choose among the best so that they concern all the time with only your services as well as they must think of only your site when they wanted to go anywhere. For such success, you must have the best services at your booking websites with high quality, reasonable rates and as well as with perfections a must.

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