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University Admission Application Essay Example

Since antiquity, humans have endeavored to understand the ultimate reality through employment of different intellectual tools and experiencing a learning process during their lives. In the ancient and medieval period, individuals used to dominate in the society based on their intellectual capacity and academic abilities, as humans were not so modernized to direct each other through their assets, qualifications, etc. However, beginning of modern era resulted in the formation of an education system that motivated individuals to pass through a process of learning before stepping into the professional lives, which is still employed in all continents of the globe. Most of the studies have indicated that every individual that receives the opportunity to study, experiences a learning process of around 14 to 18 years, depending on the education system of every country. Subsequently, such an individual is considered good enough to perform rightly and efficiently in his/her professional life. However, recent researches and studies have initiated a new and innovative concept of lifelong learning, which motivates and encourages individuals to continue the process of learning throughout their lives. A limited process of learning of 14 to 18 years is not considered effective enough to facilitate individuals throughout their lives. In other words, the concept of learning has been broadened in terms of its duration, as well as, attitude, which will allow individuals, as well as, societies to enrich through new ideas, discussion, and dialogues in an intellectual and interactive manner. (Holmes, pp. 23-25)

I’ve received my undergraduate degree from King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia, in terms of academic history. My passion for learning and enthusiasm for enriching emotional maturity has culminated in application at Mount Saint Vincent University, one of the prestigious educational institutions in Halifax, Canada. In particular, I am interested in obtaining a Master’s degree in lifelong learning because after it I was able to achieve tremendous respect for this philosophy of learning detailed analysis, as earlier mentioned in the paper. One of the significant characteristics of Lifelong learning is that it offers a combination of pedagogical and andragogical perspective of learning by the provision of teacher-focused education with amalgamation a deeper view of learning through the emphasis on learners from all ages, religions, races and academic backgrounds. (Harrison, pp. 42-43)

University Admission Application Essay Example

  In specific, Lifelong learning offers opportunities of distance learning, e-learning, as well as, postgraduate programs that allow the individuals, and particularly, adult to act and live their lives according to the contemporary requisites of the globe. (Field, pp. 30-31) Studies have indicated that a rapid increment is observed in the advancement of technological and scientific developments during the last few decades, and an individual with a ten-year old degree founds himself lagging behind from the contemporary thoughts and ideas. In this regard, lifelong learning equips individuals to continue the learning process and filling the gap of improvement by participating in discussions, study circles, and different adult learning groups.

While fulfillment of career objectives and completion of higher education are the two reasons that are focused by the majority of individuals that enroll in the university, I am associated with a minority group. One of the reasons of being a minority is passion for learning and articulation of ideas rather than completion of higher education, and therefore, intellectual curiosity is the basis of application in one of the reputable educational institutions for Masters Degree of Education in Lifelong learning.

An excellent faculty plays a vital and crucial role in fulfillment of desire for a life-long process, and that is one of the reasons for choosing Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, Canada. In addition, offered courses for the above-mentioned Masters Degree have been researched in detail, in order to understand the significance and application of learning process in practical life. It is observed by the analysis that my stay at Mount Saint Vincent University will facilitate my personality and character in becoming a motivated intellectual to serve the humanity in an academic manner. The University has planned and arranged an effective and systematic process by commencing the program through introduction of Lifelong learning conceptual framework, as it is very imperative to have an understanding of different perspectives and issues that are related with its practices. (MSVU, 2008)

Moreover, insight into its historical legacy, contemporary perspectives, and diversity and social issues will also be a facilitating tool during the study. Our world has advanced rapidly and changed into a global village, and therefore, it is very important to comprehend the role of Lifelong learning in international contexts, which has also been focused in the degree program. Lastly, the University is also the opportunity to practice and implement the studies related to Lifelong learning through practicum, which will play an effectual and valuable life in analyzing my drawbacks that can be trounced before the completion of my Masters Degree. (MSVU, 2008) After the detailed analysis of Lifelong learning, attainment of a Masters Degree of Education in Lifelong learning will provide a self-disciplined and academic stability, which will allow me to work in fields of training, education, curriculum designing, consulting, and a number of related faculties in an intellectual and effective manner.

No one in this world is perfect but everybody is blessed with unique strengths that can be used effectively to avoid weakness disadvantages and live a successful life. In fact, God blessed me with a variety of qualities that made me prove to be one of the best in the industry. Self-confidence is an important attribute that has helped me throughout my life in embracing challenges, and goals have been accomplished by self-disciplined and emotional maturity, which is one of my other imperative strengths. On the other hand, it is very important that a person combines his or her weaknesses in such a way that they can become strengths. Similarly, in this rational and materialistic world, I am very altruistic which often seems like a weakness. All these strengths and weaknesses, however, have made me a stable and realistic person capable of bringing about some change in this world. In other words, a number of challenges, such as cultural gap, race differentiation, and related problems will be confronted during my stay at the university; however, I will be able to overcome these challenges through the effective employment of my above mentioned strengths.

   Since I know that I have passion for learning, and implement it in all areas of life, I know this can be achieved effectively through studying Lifelong Learning at Mount Saint Vincent University. Our society is a concrete world that respects people with reason and therefore it is imperative that people set and coordinate realistic goals to prolong learning Achieve and accomplish the necessary goals by integrating intellectual skills and emotional maturity effectively. (Aspin, pp. 37-38) I have conduced extensive research about the University, which is one of the most credible educational institutions in Canada, and best for acquiring my Masters Degree of Education in Lifelong Learning, as it will facilitate me to acquire my education in a supportive and encouraging environment.

     After researching the Lifelong Learning domain, I have gained tremendous respect for it. I am extremely confident, love to embrace challenges and have been able to achieve my goals through academic guidance and intellectual debate, making me a future student for your institution. Now, with the hard work I’ve done in my life and a strong commitment and desire for more, I know I’m going to research education as my own way of contributing to the progress and development of my community and the entire world. I will be very glad and fulfilled, if I can be admitted to study my dreamed and long desired degree in your reputable organization. Finally, I would like to thank you for your kind attention to my application.

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