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Undercover And Informants

Undercover play important role concerning managing informants. Informants are considered as suspects who haveUndercover And Informants flipped. They exchange crucial information which is considered during sentencing. There are certain cases of crime such as money laundering that requires sophisticated undercover to aid in criminal investigations. The primary objective role of undercover is to allow the prosecution to gain confidence during the proceedings of the case. The undercover is used to enable the prosecution to learn more about the criminals and the operations of the criminals. The investigative team conducts sting operations to allow the produce convictions.

In regards to the case of Busta Rhymes, undercover work will help the investigative team with credible and useful information concerning the criminal activities. Undercover helps Justice Law Enforcement Agency to obtain confidential information from the informants regarding the criminal activity and how the criminals plan to operate in the future. Undercover protect informants from intimidation or entrapment. Undercover bars informers from being overzealous and avoid using prohibited methods. In regards to Busta Rhymes case, the undercover officers can obtain useful information from the informants. The undercover officers protect them from intimidation by the criminals. The undercover officers will create opportunities for the informants to provide information that can never be challenged during the proceedings.

Members of the society are shy away from providing vital information concerning criminal activity. The society does not want to inform the police about the criminal activities because they are afraid of acting as witnesses during court proceedings. Some of them are afraid of betraying their friends. For instance, rape and child abuse cases are never reported because of the consequences of such crimes. Some individuals have the feeling that law enforcement officers are harsh and fail to approach them to report criminal activities. Moreover, some people fail to report criminal activities since such crimes do not concern them.

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