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UAE and UK Trade Agreement Analysis


Free trade refers to a policy which is utilized by the international markets to allow them to conduct economic UAE And UK Trade Agreement Analysisactivities without imposing barriers to member countries. These obstacles include both import and export tariffs and any barriers that may prevent other participants to market entry. Countries which embrace free trade have benefited in several ways. The developing countries have benefited much from the free trade since they can export their products freely to the developed countries. Other advantages that countries have realized as a result of free trade include expansion of markets, infrastructural development, access to a cheaper and modern technology, labor and capital mobility, and good political relations in the form of economic integrations. The benefits realized from free trade have contributed significantly to the economic development of the third world countries. However, there are those who are opposed to free trade claiming that it exploits the developing countries. Free trade is attributed to the increased cases of environmental pollution, the collapse of domestic industries and high unemployment rates. As such, it has impacted on the economic development of these countries. The developed countries gain a lot from the free trade compared to developing countries. On the other hand, regulated trade is where international markets impose rules to govern the trade. The countries participating in the regulated trade are obliged to pay different tariffs.  Free trade is very detrimental to the environment and health of people, especially from the developing countries. This is because there are no rules regarding safety among the trading partners. Free trade allows developed countries to import and export pollution. This is because most production plants will relocate to countries with cheap labor. Free trade also does have an environmental impact. Most of the corporate firms spread the use pesticides to other nations thereby degrading the land. Therefore, this report outlines the impact of free trade and regulated trade on the environment. Much of the study regarding the effects of free trade on the environment was carried out in the United Arab Emirates. The report outlines various tariffs imposed on the business regulation impact on the environment.

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