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Training of Employees for Customer Service in Retail Supermarket

Training of Employees for Customer Service in Retail SupermarketSelf-Service Technology in Retailing:

There should be self-services of the products given to the retail supermarket. Many of the retailers are giving online self-services to their customers and some who are not giving are losing their old customers. There could be improvement in the number of customers if online services are given. Supermarkets and departmental stores should also give self-services so people could easily buy product. Supermarkets can make new customers through this and retain their old customers. This is important for every company now to give self-service technology; client or customer can get satisfaction through this. This technology can give potential and success to the company because it is the best customer services, within the retail super markets.

Breaking Barriers in Retail Super Markets

In retail supermarkets, barriers should be break and new technologies should take place. Many retailers have now changed the old concepts of buying and purchasing with the new technologies retailers can make new customers. New strategies should also take place and before making strategies, or launching new product one must review prices, product and promotion of old products. New technologies or new products in retail market can make new customers and retain old customers, here best suits the example of Nestle as they make new products and do progression in old products. Some merchandises strategies also training their employees to make good brand image of their products in consumers mind and for the improvement of customer services.

Customer Service Employee (CSE) Attitudes

In any business, the consumer or customer is the king, and in retail supermarket customer should be treated as king because he is the one who can enhance our business and who is responsible for the productive transactions. If employees are trained then they make the customer to feel like a king so the customers will retain, giving extra ordinary services to the customers can make them happy. Employees play a significant role in giving the services to the customers, their attitude matters, if they do good negotiation with the customers then they will automatically perceive good brand image. According to researchers investigations employee behavior is the key to have valuable objectives of retail business.

In some cases, customer use abusive language with the employee, for this training of employees play important role, as if employees should have patience, they should listen to customer what he/she is saying and try to resolve their problem. Win-win situation should be taught to the employees, that they should listen to the customer peacefully under the rules and regulation of company. As to achieve the competitive advantage is difficult they only way to retain customers is to deal them respectfully.

Critical Service Incident and Customers Services

The failure of services is normal for any company but for customer it is everything because customer has paid for those services. He may shout on employees or he may file a case. Here comes a situation, that how actually employee reacts in such situations and what is his attitude during the worst situation. Trainings are important for these types of situations. Critical situations could be part of routine so employees should know how to deal in various situations. Customer service training to the employees is important because through that they can make Green from Red. This should be taught to employees that customers are always right so listen to them but if they are wrong then company do not want to retain such customers.

In the critical services incidence employee’s retention is not as important as the retention of the customers. Employees should listen to the problems of customers carefully and react with cool mind when they are face to face; they have to reply them through emails or calls.

Training Needs Assessment

There is a need of assessment during the training also, it should be assess in training that how one react in different situations, there should be updated styles of trainings, effected training should be provide to the employees. There should be different modules in training session; each module should be on that how much effective service could be made for the customers. There should be deep assessment of the employees that how they reacting in situations and what is there attitude. Judge the employee in various situations, if he is not reacting in the he should react, and then there is a need to correct and taught him but if he is reacting in a good way then appreciation should be given to him. The effective training program should be the part of every training session.

Before designing the training module for the employees, it should be kept in mind that what is good for them, what is bad of them. If they do not react with customers in a good way then it should be noticed. During their training sessions, their attitude and behavior must be recorded. It should be told to them that you are keys to control the customer so we are establishing the customers on your basis.

Employee-level Customer Orientation (CO)

There is a need of employee level orientation when the employees level issues reach at its peak. When company wants to grow up from the dark only orientation is the thing, which can tell employees how to think in a new way. Training session can give them more customer service knowledge. There is a need of this session when their inter-related issues arises, and then there is a need to train them and tell them, that how much their role is important in an organization. In employee orientation there is no need to tell them about the product, there is only need to tell them about their importance. There is the philosophy about the business management that there is need to understand a costumer in proper way. In the orientation, it is told to them to identify the needs of the customers you should directly interact with them. It should also teach to them that you employees are representing our company. When the company identifies the customer need then there is also need of orientation. To tell the employees that how they should deal clients in different situations is important.

Employee as Owner of Customer Services

As the customer is important for any organization, the employee is also very important because employee is representing his company. It is need to tell employee that how important he is for the retail supermarket. Customer service department is the main department at any industry so proper training should be given to them. To give the basic understanding to the employee that how he could serve the king in the best way is important. Customer retention is for any service department is the foremost thing so this should be told to them that to listen to customer with patience is our basic principal.

In the training employees should be taught good relationship with the customers could bring the customers in the business. Employee could only assess the customer if he has complete knowledge about his product. There is also need to motivate employees sometimes because they will work harder when they are appreciated and motivated. They should be told that there is a need to work collectively and collaboratively. The employees should show their skills and knowledge and then they should be evaluating at that basis. Through the employees, it comes to know that what actually the situation of the company is.

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