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Traditional Textbooks and etextbooks Case Study

Business Models Of Traditional Textbooks And etextbooks

The Competing Business Models Of Traditional Textbooks And etextbooks

The business model of traditional textbooks and etextbooks focused on enhancing the profit as the customer values both the methods; the companies in both the business models motivate the customers so that the customers could buy the books of their own choice. The industry is earning the good profit because the customers are valuing both the methods. However, so of the students like the traditional textbooks model of getting the books and some prefer the etextbooks because it is easy and cheap. Moreover, both the business have the own model of business so that the customers could be given the support.

While focused on the traditional textbook the companies has the benefits of the growth as the companies began to innovate so that there could be the advantages, the traditional textbook is proffered more by the customers because they can get the books from one point, there is competition in the market, as the market is competing. The books in traditional textbooks platforms provide the benefits to the customers, the traditional textbook companies offering the students so that they become able to sell books. In this way, they are making the customers able so that they could be motivated to buy the books from the tradition methods.

Traditional Textbooks and etextbooks Case Study

Moreover, the business model of an etextbook is demanding for the technology because the customers prefer the online book. This model provides the electronic sources for expediency, ease, and connivances, there are the facilities given to the college students. The companies selling the etextbook, are getting the advantages in the market because through focused on the customers of the modern world the benefits are there. The companies have decided to ask the professors to so that they could help them in making the notes. The traditional textbook format has valued the customer, etextbooks is giving the book in the cheap process as compared to the traditional textbooks but the customers cannot sell the book. Thus, the etextbooks models are allowing the customers so that they could sell the books, in the end of the semester. The bookstore is offering the cheaper price but the three is the use of internet and a computer in the etextbook. The etextbooks have the updated version of the books, as the current events are discussed, from which the students get the advantages; the etextbooks has the lower cost because the companies use the less or no resources.


Profit (Formulas) Models Of Paper Textbook And Etextbooks Different

The companies focused on the VPC for the formula, the value, the price, and the form cost is there. The customers are greatly valued and provided the convenience in both of the business models. Consequently, the etextbooks method of selling is appealing to the customers. In the textbooks and etextbooks the companies use the formulas so that the customers could be values, there are the advantages to the customers, by using bother the methods, but the companies are using extraordinarily different formulas, in order to give the value and ease to the customer. Moreover, the basic purpose of the companies is to make the profits, by giving the benefits to the customers. Textbooks and etextbooks use the different pattern or the formulas because there is different thinking to earn the profits, as the profit formula of a paper textbook is to sell the books to the customers, the publishers in this way, sell the books at high cost.

The company’s focus on the maximum revenue could be generated; there is not the actual cost because the companies or the seller cannot make the profit. Thus, the customer or the students want the books for the class and they are ready to pay the amount for the books even if the books given at the higher cost. Through the etextbook format, provide the convenience through using the electronic devices. It is less expensive and the textbooks are made by the professors that can be helpful and have the updated version.

Both the business models are different because the sources are different and have the different customers; customers as some of the students like to buy books through the textbooks and some of the students from etextbooks, the companies in both the cases have made the strategies so that there could be advantages for the customers. The customers, like to buy the books from the textbooks because they can sell it after the usage and they get the books from one point, whereas, others like to buy the book or read the book online because it is cheap. The companies have the understanding of the customers and know that how they could be motivated in order to purchase the book. The shopkeepers are selling the books at the higher prices as they need to earn the maximum profit and the customer who cannot afford the book are against to buy the books because they prefer the etextbooks than the textbooks as they think it is the expensive way.

Customer Value Propositions Of Two Textbook Formats Compare

There is the competition in the market; the customers could get the advantages through this approach, as the customer value proposition need to be focused on the companies for the extra numbers from the customers or the additional material. The customers are valuing the company where they are provided the convenience or more values, thus, the business is making the revenue from the strategic approach. Moreover, to increase revenue, the customer’s value propositions are there by the company, the businesses textbooks and e-textbooks are making the revenue so that the advantages could be there from the customers, the etextbook providing the value propositions, as there is the demand for technology in the modern world and thus, the importance has been realized. There is the realization of the electronic sources; the customers are getting the convenience because of the new trends of the market. The etextbooks are making more money in the market because the customer is there in maximum number, the companies are working on it because there are the best and there is the value propositions are there for the customers.

Through focusing on the low-cost strategy related to the chapter 5, in the book, both the business processes textbooks and e-textbooks are using the strategies so that the customers could be attracted and there could be advancement in the business process, the comfort level, and cheap solutions are there for the customers, in order to give the value propositions. The e-textbook is focused on the differentiation approach because the focus is on the technology there; the company is using the unique way.

Moreover, the companies are producing the products or books as traditional textbook because the value propositions to the customers are there also, the students, in this way, prefer this method because the need or have the ability to highlight the book, they need to get a clear knowledge, or they wants to clear the concepts. There is the bookstore for the traditional textbook, thus the students sometimes get the book on the much cheaper prices because other students have used it, there are the platforms for the students where they can resell the books and other students get the advantages of it. However, the business is getting the values or valuing the customer’s proposition because people are appreciating the both ways. This is the world of the internet and a computer so the e-textbook can be said that the companies are more customer value propositions.

Factors Are Driving Changes In The Textbook Industry

There are the driving forces in every industry. Focusing on the industries, the companies in the industries uses the effective strategies, so that there could be the effectiveness of the competitive pressure. However, provides the details of the strategic management principles that how could the strategies could be focused, when there are the driving changes. The textbook industry is focused on the competitive positions and opportunities in the so that the customers could be attracted in the market, there are the driving forces in the market for the textbook industry, as the amount of technology is focused on the companies. There are many companies, which focus on the driving forces, as the technology could be said as the biggest driving force in the textbook industry because the customers prefer the cheap method to get and learn from the books.

The companies have focused on the different platforms so that the revenue could be generated and the customers could be given the benefit. Therefore, McGraw-Hill Connect and Learn Smart through focused on the technology, allow the professors so that they could choose from many options and help the students so that they could understand the topics, through focused on the learning styles and learning abilities of the student, the advantages are there for them. However, the McGraw-Hill, in this way got the benefits in the industry because the technological aspects are focused. The students in this way are ready to spend on the websites also because the helping material is there.

The driving forces could be analyzed from the three steps, which can be less or more attractive in the industry, however, the internet learning or the internet spots are more preferred by the customers of the industry. The customer prefers to have the books on the laptops ipads and kindles because there are better learning and new materials on what topic could be discussed, the demand for online textbooks is increasing in the market or the industry. Moreover, the McGraw-Hill Connect and Learn Smart, which has the books focus on the internet technology, as they know that the customers are there, the customers, are maximum in the numbers and they prefer the cheap way to get the books. The textbook companies are becoming innovative in the industry so that they could provide the facilities of the electronic textbooks to the customer, the technologies need to be focused on the companies of the industries, as the demand is for the ebooks.

Competition Like In The Textbook Industry

Regarding focus on the five-force analysis of the textbook industry, there is needed to develop the framework so that there could be the analysis of the industry. The five competitive forces from the chapter 3 could be a focus, the five-forces includes the competition from rival sellers, the competition from potential new entrants, the competition from the producers of the substitute products, the customers bargaining power, and the suppliers bargaining power.

Competition From Rival Sellers

There is the competition in the textbook industry market because the customer are there who prefer the used books because they get it, in the low prices and can sell the book when the semester ends, books and Rental textbooks are there in the market, the competitors are giving the books on rent that affects the textbook industry.

Competition From Potential New Entrants

There is the competition in the market as the potential new entrants are there in the textbook industry because the traditional content providers of the industry are moving or shifting to the digital contents there are the ebook readers in the industry. However, the content providers are there because the customers are trendy and it focuses on the low-cost strategy.

Competition From The Producers Of The Substitute Products

There is the competition from the substitute products in the textbook industry because there are Google online book, the blog, Wikipedia, textbooks, e-content providers, Amazon Kindle, computer, book publishing houses etc. there could be the threats from substitute as the industry is developed.

Customers Bargaining Power

The customer bargaining power is moderate because the customers can be influenced by the new technology. There is a choice of the customers that they focus or provide the value to the textbooks or etextbooks. Moreover, the government is providing the facilities of the books and the courses to the students, so in this way, the customer power is high. The internet facilities are there for the customers, thus, the marketers cannot choose the price of own.

Supplier’s Bargaining Power

The suppliers bargaining power is high in the industry because there is the maximum e-content provider in the industry. The ebook reader has influenced on the minds of the customers, so they focus more on the getting the books at the cheap prices, ebook reader focus on the differentiation so that the customers could be attracted. In the industry, there are the multipurpose devices that have provided the cheaper way of getting the relevant materials to the customers.

Key Success Factors In The Textbook Industry

There are the key factors of success in the textbook industry, as the customers are getting the advantages in the textbook industry and the companies are getting the advantages because the customers have the awareness of the brands that are providing the benefits at the low cost, in the market. The companies are the focus so that they can maximize the profit by selling the books are the reasonable and affordable prices. Moreover, the customers sometimes do not focus on the ebooks because they prefer to buy the book at the full price and then to sell it at reasonable prices.

Moreover, if the companies in the industry focus on the technologies or the new way to approach customers and motivate the customers to get the online books then there could be the advantages. However, textbook companies are focused on the technological aspects of the innovation is there, the companies know that if they follow the trends in the market the customers could be created and the motivation level can be enhanced to use the etextbooks. The companies through learning the new ways of technologies can get the advantages, as the companies need to identify the target market or the students so that there could be effectiveness by Etextbooks. Etextbooks is proved successful in the industry; it could be said as the successful factor because the students of today value the internet system because they have the technologies in the hand.

Here, the example of McGraw-Hill and Pearson could be given; the company’s focus on the etextbooks and make the online customers, by providing them the facilities on the internet, the companies like McGraw-Hill and Pearson know that the customers could be stay if the current technology trends are given to the college students. McGraw-Hill and Pearson have identified the target market and getting the advantages in the market, the customers know that the companies are providing the cheap facilities to us. Moreover, through the focus on the modern technology, the success factors are there in the industry. Companies for the maximum growth level and success need to focus on the strengths and the opportunities, as the companies in the industries can learn the digital learning, as then they could able to motivate the customers and there will be the distribution of the digital contents. The opportunities like business and commercial printing can be focused, in order to bring the competitive advantages.

Resources And Competitive Capabilities Required To Achieve Success In This Industry

The textbook industry is growing because there are the online customers World Wide, the companies in the industries can get the advantages in the market if focuses on the technological aspects, the companies can provide the relevant books or the material to the customers or the students, so that they could be attracted. Moreover, the traditional methods of books are not preferred in the industry, as the customers have found the cheap methods of getting the books, there are so many companies in the market example McGraw-Hill that are getting the recompense because the technology is focused. The companies need to understand that there are customers in the market, are using the internet and preferring the online book. The companies can focus on the strategies example low-cost, differentiation etc.

For the competitive capabilities, the companies can make the competitive environment in the industry. There will be the fewer resources if the company uses the online facilities because there is no need of the outlet and other expense, which is used by the company’s focus on the traditional methods. In the traditional method, there are the higher value or price of the books because there can be price decision of the seller. The traditional textbooks can change the fashion of selling the books, through focus on the etextbooks because there are the maximum advantages, the customers can be valued if the companies are producing the relevant material for them, the books need to be changed according to the current technology trends, this strategy could be useful in the industry.

The managerial attention and the staff competencies can be helpful, in order to provide the effectiveness of the company, in this way, the employees need to be trained so that there could be the higher satisfaction level of the customers. Moreover, the McGraw-Hill has the benefits in the industry because the interaction with customers is there, the companies can interact with the customers because they can be online anywhere, it is the modern technology focused world so the customers need to be the target from the different websites. Companies through the focus on the low strategic cost can make the customer willing to buy the books, there could be the cheaper price of the e-book and the e-reader, thus the advantages could be given to the customers. The new e-reader innovation can help the companies to increase the revenue from the global e-book increasing in the worldwide because the customers are more into it.


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