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Toyota UK Business Environment

Business Environment of Toyota UK

Business Environment

The environment of the business is made by the management and the leaders of the organization that makes theToyota UK Business Environment strategies that how should they all manage the atmosphere of the organization by making hard and honest efforts by implementing them on their business atmosphere on the right time. The thing is that the organization must have courageous and hardworking management or employees as well so that they can keep the environment positive and very much effective as well. The strategies must be efficient enough that they would make the organization successful in their working as compared to the other organizations working in the market with same content.

I am being hired in the Toyota Company as an assistant manager whose task is to make the reports from the other companies that what they are doing in their organizations so that we can get the best place as well can go higher as well. I am going to tell my line manager about four renowned multinational organizations that are very much famous in the world to deal with the customers and they serve the customers with best quality products and with a best affordable rate as well.

A: C 1.1 Identify the purpose of different organizations

There are different types of organizations that work in the world that has very many high ratings among other organizations that works best and that provides best facilities to the people to whom they are going to serve. Here we are going to discuss four very high rated organizations that have a multinational approach and that serve the customers best. These are John Levis Partnership that deals in terms of making home furniture’s and other home items for the people the quality they provided to the customers are up to a great level. They deal in all type of lighting in the houses for people who wanted to decorate their houses for the purposes of making their homes attractive and great.

The other Company I am going to mention is the ASOS.COM that makes the life of people the best in the fashion industry. They make everything related to the fashion with the best quality and they have the best rates that they offer to the people. The products are all related to the people’s choice and they have all the things available in one place for the people for use.

The next organization Harrods deals with the luxurious stay of the hotel with best ever rates and the highest quality that makes the stay of the place the best and more comfortable with best results and the best affordable prices makes their stay best in that hotel. They have managed all the things and services that they are providing to the people with best ever working efficiency that is needed to make the people comfortable with staying there.

The Sainsbury Organization deals best in the retailing department that deals with the overall things that are needed with the overall things of the public interest and with the great effective series of the things that are needed with the best ever technologies’ and techniques in the organization.

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