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To What Degree is Human Trafficking a Problem?


This report’s primary purpose is to highlight facts about Human trafficking, which destroyed too many lives. The causes and issues regarding Human trafficking are further explained in this essay’s main body with all the details. The work of UNODC to tackle trafficking in human beings and the United Nations Transnational Organized Crime Conference and its Protocols on Trade in Persons Refugees underpin the smuggling of refugees’ human beings and smuggling of migrants, as the only United Nations body focused on the criminal justice aspect of these crimes. In this article’s main body, the causes and problems surrounding sex trafficking are further clarified with all the details. The UNODC Charitable Trust Fund for Sex Trafficking Victims offers humanitarian, legal, and financial grassroots assistance through governmental, intergovernmental, and civil society organizations to victims of trafficking in human beings.

The main goal is to provide an opportunity for people from all walks of life, including governments, the private sector, foreign organizations, non-governmental organizations, and individuals, to provide solutions to support human trafficking victims.

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