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The Orphan Train Movie Summary

Summary of Movie The Orphan Train

The movie “Orphan Train” is a result of thinking about the orphans in the society, the thing thatThe Orphan Train Movie Summary struck me is that orphans are being noticed in the movie, there are the talks about their rights and they are motivated for the achievements of the life. However, the orphan movement program is beneficial for the homeless children and important in the cities, so that the orphans do not feel alone. In the movie, the children were transported to their new homes, in the trains, which are labeled as the orphan or baby trains, the movie has given the better concept that how orphans can be helped and valued in the society.

Charles Loring Brace was an American philanthropist, who had the lives for the society, he contributed in the field of the social reform, he is considered as a father, who has made the modern foster care. He started the Orphan Train, in the mid of 19th century, he also founded the Children’s Aid Society. He has recognized that poor children are living in the bad conditions, the orphan children do not have the caretaker and they have to suffer a lot in the society, many of them are homeless, he thinks about the children and throughout his life, work hard to give them status in the society.

Putting out or placing out of the children, was a good idea, the movie has contributed a lot towards this idea, so the people become aware of the situation that in what conditions orphans are living. The movie had told people that it is important for the orphan children to take care of them. However, in my point of view, many homeless children can be given benefits from an idea of placing out, as they do not feel themselves alone and can show their capabilities and abilities if they are given the proper environment, in which they are given love and care.

Placing out can solve the problems, as the children who are growing in the streets, who do not have the place to live in and can create problems for the society. They can participate in the illegal activities, they can involve in corruption, they can do all the bad activities, which are not acceptable or known as a crime in the society, they can be in juvenile jail, or they can hate the society, which in future can be the disadvantage for them and the society. Placing out can be the best thing as the children can get the education and a better living environment in the homes or someone from the good families can adopt such orphan children.

Impacts of Orphan Trains on Society

Orphan Train, had a good impact on the society because it forces people to think about the children and to take care of them, to give them basic rights or the necessaries. Children who do not have the caretaker are living in the bad conditions; orphan train can be beneficial for the future of the children as they can be with proper care. Orphan Train is can help the individuals or the children in giving them their rights, however, if they grow up in the streets, they can have the negative impacts on their mind and personality, it is better for them to be in good hands.

If I found 10,000 children on the street, I will very bad for them. I may start thinking as a social worker so that they could be given the better conditions to live in, we all need to think that if we do not focus on the orphans or the children who do not have the love of parents and the necessities. They can create harms in the future, for the society; they can be aggressive if they are not given the rights of loving. I will work hard to give them education and better place to live on, so they can be what they want to, there is a need to provide them the facilities, or place, where they can live, and in future serve the country as a good citizen.

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