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The Impact of Recruitment and Selection on Hospitality Industry



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The herein paper examines the key roles of recruitment and selection within the scope HRM. Recruitment and selection plays a pivotal role in any kind of business. The paper focuses mainly on how businesses such as healthcare are affected by improper recruitment policies in meeting their objectives. It is important in shaping an organization’s performance in that an organization is capable of acquiring workers who already have all it takes to possess relevant knowledge, skills, the processes and the procedures that have to be carried out in order to meet an organizations goal. For instance when the recruitment department of Hollywood hospital and that of Bromfield hospital were compared, the Hollywood hospital had great outcomes: an output that any kind of business would admire to have. This is because of the good work of its HR practitioner in the recruitment and selection department. This paper goes on to explain the effect of poor management which leads to loss of time, cost and resources. Especially the ones associated with high rates of staff turnovers, poor performance and lack of satisfaction from customers. From the progress of the Hollywood hospital, the hospital came up with certain recommendations to correct the situations in their hospitals, and to organize a change of case and ways of channeling the recommendations for effective produce.


Human resource management refers to the process of recruiting, selecting of employees, offering efficient training and developmental skills, assessment of the performance of the employees, ensuring proper motivation and maintaining proper relations with labor and trade unions (GHERMAN et al 2016). It ensures maximization and utilization of available resources using the limited skilled power. There is a significant increase of HR managers although the supply of the talent has reduced. In the current marketplace there is increased competition for labor and products, nevertheless, the challenge most organizations face is recruitment and selections of employees. For the success of any organization in the global market, it is important to put emphasis on human resource managers (Brock & Buckley 2013). This can be done by coming up with strategic goals that the particular organization has to play in the market. With the changing global market, it is the role of HR managers alongside their organizations to adapt to the human resource practices in the various fields responsibly. To this extent, therefore, the research report focuses on the role of human resource management to the success of an organization by taking a case of Broomfield hospital.

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Broomfield Hospital

Broomfield hospital is located in Chelmsford in England. It is the largest hospital within the Essex county hospitals. It was originally opened in the nineties for the purposes of tuberculosis treatment. Irrespective of the seasons the patients were well taken care of and could be wheeled out of the balconies to get the fresh air (Gillespie, 1988). Proper bed rest and good food were provided to them as a part of treatments. The food was majorly acquired from the hospital farm. After addressing tuberculosis and bringing the number of tuberculosis patients down, they shifted focus to the general sicknesses affecting the patients all over the region. They were the first hospital to have a female patient deliver six babies back in 1959. Broomfield hospital later grew larger and become a general hospital as well as a nursing school in the hospital. By 1960, the hospital addresses problems such as orthopedics, general surgery and general medicine as well. Owing to the growing population, extensions such as an outpatient clinic, wards such as geriatrics without forgetting emergency covers in the wards. Continues growth attracted a number of people because of the kind of services delivered to the clients. The hospital expanded over the years with emergency and accident department, pharmacy and rehabilitation centers among other departments.

There is special department within the hospital with each responsible for the specified roles. The department of patient’s relation serves as a counsel acting as an intermediary between the patient and the medical center. There is usually numbers posted on the notice boards to enable patients to contact their doctors in case of assistance (Van Hoye, 2008). The services rendered on the institution include patients’ rights, their compliments, foreign language and sign language interpreters for it encompasses patients all over the world. They provide equipment for patients with hearing impairment. The imaging services include x-rays, mammograms, CAT scanner among others.

The Impact of Recruitment and Selection on Hospitality Industry

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