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The Crystal Sustainable Building London UK

Sustainable building is also known as green building. These are environmentally friendly and resource efficient building. The main purpose of sustainable building is to utilize natural materials. Moreover, green building technique enables us to minimize our carbon footprint and develop the world on the sustainable development path.(Sustainable Buildings, 2014).


The Crystal is the located in London, UK. The building is a sustainable cities initiative by Siemens. The Crystal sustainable building London UK has a glazed structure, dramatic crystal- shaped. The Crystal has created a new independent global hub, which leads a debate on sustainable living and development.


The building is based on the philosophy of development of environmentally friendly and resource efficient building. Construction of the building was intended to achieve the highest sustainable international credentials.


The credits of an architect of one of the most sustainable buildings of the world go to the Wilkinson Eyre Architects.


The design of The Crystal is a collaboration of architects Wilkinson Eyre, Engineers Arup and interior and fit out architect will and Pringle Brandon Perkins. Everyone has worked close together to create bold and innovative architecture to combine the benefits of latest green technology. (Wilkinson Eyre, 2015).

Green certificate

The crystal has achieved lots of awards in every field from sustainability to design, architect, events, tourism and health, and safety. Some of them are LEED: Platinum, BREEAM: Outstanding, Green Apple award, ISO 14001, BCO: Office award and RICS award.(The Crystal, 2017).

Sustainable ideas

The main of developing this building was to encourage the growth of sustainable cities through expert collaboration, partnership, and research. Moreover, the project provides a fantastic opportunity to witness and explore that how new technologies can assist in the creation of sustainable buildings without solely relying on the passive system. Similarly, the project focuses on future possibilities of sustainable mobility, power and water supplies, building technologies and health care.(Wilkinson Eyre, 2015).

The Crystal Sustainable Building London UK

Location and transport

The building is located on Royal Victoria Dock in East London. As the building is located in the urban area, therefore, the transport is easily available including public transport.

Energy saving

The building consumes no fossil fuel even though it is all-electric. The majority of required electricity is produced by photo-voltaic solar panels. LED and fluorescent light shade used in the building. High efficient ventilation and chilled beams are also there. Moreover the building is cooled and heated by pumps seasonally. (The Crystal, 2017)

Water saving

The crystal is 90% water self-sufficient. Moreover, it is UK’s first commercial building which has an approved drinking water safety plan. The roof of the building collects the rainwater while sewage is treated.


The rainwater is harvested and clean to quality drinking water. Moreover, the black water is also being used on a site.

Sustainable material

The building showcases the state-of-the-art technology that makes the building more efficient. The building has black water treatment, rainwater harvesting, and solar heating as well as automated building management system. (Archdaily, 2012).

Other innovation

The building has its own grounded source heat pump that generates its own energy. Moreover, self-sufficient water plant is also there in the building for high-quality drinking water.


The Crystal Sustainable Building London UK

Innovation in the project

The building can utilize other renewable energy resources to full fill the rest of the energy needs. Moreover, other advanced technologies can use to enhance the infrastructure of the building.

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