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Technological Change Issues

Technology at Work

Potential Psychological Hazards

Innovation can result in changing the workplace. Technology in the workplace increases the risk to the human health, as there could be the physical and psychological hazards. Psychological hazards could be explained as the conditions that can affect the mental well-being of a person or a worker. It could also affect or impact the worker ability so that they could work there could be the health issues. The technological change can result in the fatigue and violence.

However, the worker of SmithCrop can face the issues regarding the technological changes because the workers areTechnological Change Issues surrounded by the technology all the time as they make sales calls and do communication, malfunction and isolation can be faced by them, as they could face the stress and tension or increasing usage of the technology can reduce the positive social interactions. In this way, the technology has increased but the tension could be there regarding privacy because the watchdog system can make the workers feel uncomfortable. There could be the increase in the jobs because increasing in the technology can result in increased workload. There could be the increased expectations of learning from the workers, as the company may want the employees so that they learn the technology and new software for the better performance and they might face the strain. Technology related stress could be there for the employees, as they may not able to manage the depression, stress, quality and other impacts.

Steps HR Manager Should Take to Manage the Stress of Employees

The employees of SmithCrop can face the psychological strains because the technological aspects are focused all the time, thus, the HR department of the company need to focus on the preventive stress management as the approach emphasis on the encourage the reduction of the stressor and there is the management of the occupational stress and strain. Firstly, there is the need to identify stressors so that there could be the awareness of the psychological risks factors. Survey the employees could be another way from which the sense of the prevalent workplace stressor could be identified. The HR manager needs to identify that why the conflict is there example the judgment of the interpersonal conflict. Look for the telltale sign of stress and be attuned to individual employees are the techniques that also proved to be favorable for the managers or departments, in order to know about the level of stress under strain.

Occupational health psychology is another technique that focuses on the stress and illness. However, the psychology helps to improve the life if the workers, as there could the focus on the safety, health, and wellbeing. As mentioned in the chapters there is four components strategy of the occupational health psychology that can help to reduce the psychological disorders at the workplace and they are:

  • A focus on organizational change
  • A focus on Information
  • A focus on psychological health service
  • A focus on surveillance

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