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Supply Chain Management Megatrends

Supply Chain Management

The Megatrends of Supply Chain Management and Supplier Outsourcing in Public 

The megatrends in supply chain management affected the supply and purchasing management techniques according to the duties and responsibilities of his / her. The supply chain is the exchange of goods and services to the supplier or purchaser. With the new trends, supply and purchasing abilities affect the duties and responsibilities of the manager. Moving with the trends creates a positive impact on the supply and purchase of the company. About 75% of the business transactions depend on the global transformation in supply chain management. (Gunn, 2016)

Evolution of the Purchasing and Supply Management Profession

Factors contributed to the evolution are cost, higher the cost lower the supply would be. Making decisions based on proper trends and demands of the purchaser. Considering the cost of tariff and duty taxes involved in. Taking care of the cost of shipments and of timely payment at the time of delivery. Keeping informed the real people about the freight and rates of shipments who are actually involved in the process of transferring goods. (Westford School of Management, 2016)

Supply Chain Management Megatrends

Use of Supply Chain Management Principles

The principles and practices of supply chain management on private sectors organization had a positive as well as negative impact on them. Positively it increases the knowledge and experience of private sectors and makes them learn new experience. The negative impact of techniques on private sectors is that cost increases in implementing some tactics and techniques to the private sectors. There may be a leakage of information to the company with which a company works. (Smith, 2011)

My perspective about the supply chain management is that with the increase in megatrends now a day, it affects the cost and methodologies of supply chain management procedures and increases the methods of working with the other private sectors. By working on the trends and new policies making according to the trend passing at that time will increases the supply.

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