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Stupidity at its Best in Sports

Stupidity and Sports

Sports: Stupidity at its Best

Stupidity at its Best in Sports

Personally am not a ‘sportser’ and I do not do a sport nor do I mingle among ‘sportsed’ or sporting folk. What is there that needs to be understood is that for each and every individual who grew up with a given perspective of sports, let’s say not caring about the professional sports, they find being a fan of sports as being weird and alien just as being a furry or a writer of comedy. Planning one’s day revolving round a sports game that is played by other individuals and even ending up being emotional when the team one is affiliated to wins or loses seems kind of weird and dumb.

Sport is full of dumbness, and the first noticeable feature of sports is that the sports team names and titles are stupid and idiotic. Beginning with the simplest, non-controversial and factual, the college sports teams have names that are dumb. There is a notion that the sports teams are named or titled after some important things that are found in the community or a community’s history. The Anaheim Ducks, for instance, got their name from the Disney movies concerning a kid’s hockey team and Emilio Estevez’s perseverance to ‘douchebaggery’. The Toronto Raptors got their name since they hosted a contest back then when the Jurassic Park was still famous, and the public felt that raptors sounded cool. The Washington Redskins have their name after being named to be a Native America to get attention. There have been debates for ages in the defense of naming sports teams after racist titles. Surprisingly, this is where these priorities are placed at the moment, and this makes it lesser surprising.

Continuing with college sports, the college sports are bad for the colleges and schools. The varsity sports are a hole in the education system, particular the American system. A worthy reason seems not to be there as to why sports are played in college. The purpose of playing the sports is not satisfactory since the colleges are supposed to be schools where individuals and students are taught about the real world not playing sports. One may argue that the sports teams bring in money for the schools. Sports are financial drains on the schools as they only give a 10% turning a profit. Some colleges find that at the end of it they are more or less the same as the University of Michigan which lost up to $7 million in two seasons of sports. Furthermore, sports have no correlation with academic prowess; actually, Ivy schools consistently perform poorly at sports.

Once one moves beyond college, they find out that sports are an outrageous waste of their money. In Minnesota, a total of $678 million tax money was spent on building a new complex. One might view this as justified since it is an investment in the community but that’s not true. As per the subsidies for sports teams, sports suck money from communities and take it to the pockets of rich folks and the players. It is not a concern that the players are eventually leaving the industry and become engineers. The only thing that a football team can lose their star player to is to another team. What this perspective translates to is that the public is watching billionaires operate a private stock market while they public pays for the privilege of sweeping the floor (The Washington Post). People are spending a lot of money on sports and it kind of looks like their money is getting sucked down the drain, and they are just staring blankly.

Considering how the games are played, there are countless cases of stupidity. The two-minute warning in football is the first case of such. It is stupid that a referee has to reach for the sidelines and tell the coaches that there are only two-minutes left (The Michigan Daily). Wait, are the referees not seeing the stadium clock? It would be huge if the referee would be reaching out to the coaches to warn them that a given player is on the verge of throwing a game changer interception.

There is widely consumed misconception that a local team is all about the community. Sports teams have little to do with the local town or even community. Up to this point, it is worthwhile to note that sports are all about competition and competition is pointless without allegiance. When Red Sox won the World Series after about a century, Boston was swept up in fervor. Red Sox has a star player, Johnny Damon, who genuinely vowed never to play for Yankees who were the arch rivals of the Red Sox. A year later he signed with the Yankees. It turned out that he was from Kansas and maybe found no allegiance to Boston. At the end of the day, this shows that sports are all about rooting for someone’s paycheck. People watch their favorite teams play because they want them to beat out the competition (Critical Convictions. The stupidity of sports). Anyway, what does it mean when the opposing team is richer and capable of buying the best players? Sports are all about rich people. Sports indeed is about allegiance and one always wants to associate with his or her team maybe because it is a home sports team or that he or she is affiliated with the team in a way or the other and sport is also even known to have psychological benefits (Maximizing the Benefits of Youth Sport, 2013)

The other stupidity case in sports is the penalty kick in soccer or the shootout in NHL. It is senseless to play a soccer match for a whole 90 minutes plus an additional 30 minutes of extra time and only to decide the outcome by doing a play that virtually never occurs in the context of the 120 minutes of play. Besides, the shootouts are so simple I would score a total of four in five while sitting. It would have been sensible if the teams are left to play until one of them gets to score- if it takes them a week; it’s awesome for the sale of beers.

The most outrageous aspect that proves stupidity in sports is that watching the sports makes someone a worse individual. There is an advert that points out that when England National team is eliminated from the World Cup, there is a rise in domestic violence incidents by a margin of 38 percent. The ad, unfortunately, fails to add that there is still a rise of 22 percent even when the national team progresses or wins. What this translates into is that football makes the English turn into violent people. To confirm the connection, World Cup is not an annual event, and when a comparison is made to the previous versions of the event, there is an uptick in violence (The Washington Post). Not that sport are evil, but rather it is the way that people talk, and the way they think about sports in professional environs is what is evil, and thus there is a need to change on that.

Conclusively, stupidity in sports is evident right from the school sports teams all the way through to the professional sports teams that compete in global competitions. School sports teams are irrelevant to the schools as they are a diversion from the normal school roles and at the same time they siphon cash from the institutions not forgetting that they are stupidly named. The way the number of the sports games are determined is also stupid as well as the allegiance that is entailed in the sports. Above all, sports make individuals stupidly violent.

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