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Student External Transfer Case Format

Policy and Procedure Document

Document Title: External Transfer Case 

  Name Department Date
Prepared by ABC Undergraduate Office (SBE) —————–
Document Owner
Undergraduate Office (SBE)
Stakeholder Department(s)
All relevant departments of BBA(H) courses are engaged in this process.
Purpose Of Document
The purpose of this document is to transfer of a student which was a student of another institute and have passed some of the courses. The credit hours are transferred in this university if they meet the criteria i.e. minimum grade is c+ and course outline is matched.

Process Flow
 Student External Transfer Case Format
 Student External Transfer Case Format
·         This process starts from admission office.

·         A student who was from another institute took admission in our institute and he/she has passed some of his/her courses.

·         We require from them their transcripts, course outlines and external transfer forms.

·         We evaluate their grades if they have minimum c+ grades we attach these three documents and send it to relevant department COD`s.

·         They evaluate their course outline whether it relates to our course outline or not.

·         If course outline contents are not matched it is rejected.

·         If course contents are matched to some extent it is approved by COD and send it to Dean`s approval.

·         After dean`s approval we send this document to registrar for their processing.

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