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Sticking To Their Guns Article Summary

Sticking To Their Guns

Human resources management develop strategies for the safety and health measures of the organization. Managers at the HR department are responsible to balance the rights of guns owners while providing the safety to the other workforce of the organization. Article written by the    Nagele Piazza in 2017 covers the duties and responsibilities of the HR management towards the safety of the workplace (Nagele Piazza, 2017). According to the article, organizations are obliged under the act of federal occupational safety and health act to provide a safe environment to all its workers. It is under the HR duties to work for the safe environment as they have to develop strategies to control the use of guns, drugs, and knives at the workplace.

The article basically provides information about the HR professionals and their role in reconciling the use of guns in the workplace. employees sometimes bring their guns and knives with them that is quite dangerous and unsafe for the organizational environment. in the united states licensed citizens to have the right to take arms with them for their safety. for this situation parking lot laws are developed according to which employees who are used to bring weapons as guns and knives with them can store their weapons in the lockers or in their car. in some companies employees are given lockers in the parking lots to store their weapons their rather than taking inside the building.

Sticking To Their Guns Article Summary

Employees working in the organizations that do not allow their employees to take the weapons with them in the building can store their weapons in the parking lot at the safe place. the article also provides examples of the laws of the parking lot. there are some similarities in the laws of the parking lot. for instance, according to all these laws employees have to place their guns and weapons in the weapon cases that should be concealed from the view. While according to some laws of the organization are not allowed to develop such rules that allow the employees to possess an arm a gun or a knife in the organization beyond the parking lot.

In fact, the laws of different organizations are different. there are very limited similarities in their laws as each organization develops laws that match their mission and working environment. other than employees visitors and representatives of the other organizations are also not allowed to bring the weapons inside the building of the organization.

Nagele Piazza has also presented opinion and views of other famous Human resources managers and lawyers. In the article, the main focus is on the occupational safety and health act by the federal occupational regularity authorities. employees that are against the guns rights are projecting their views against the laws of the parking lot and all other laws that support the weapons used in the workplace.

Nagele Piazza presented the views of Rogers and Harrison as they are against the guns rights. according to their point of view bringing weapons in the parking lot or the property of the organization increases the chances of safety issues as conflicts and injuries of the other employees (Nagele Piazza, 2017). sometimes use of a weapon in the workplace by an employee also create trouble for the owner and management of the organization. organizations sometimes place notices at the main entrance of the organization to prevent the employees from taking the weapons inside the building.

Owners also face legal consequences when employees use weapons on their property. property is not only the workplace it can be a parking lot of the organization. therefore organizations have to develop strict rules towards the weapons and firearms. Human resources department has to introduce the strategies that reduce the chances of safety issues for the employe

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