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Sociocentric and Ethical Reasoning

Socio-Centric And Ethical Reasoning Points

  1. In my point of view, it is a social reality, people are following patterns of cognitive bias and it is becoming a cultural belief, people are rational in judgment, they just think about the society before they do anything, our behaviors are associated with the brassiness and for the sake of social world. The society is adopting such cognitive behaviors; I think such behaviors are important for survival in society as quick decisions can come out.
  2. The person, who is egocentric can never get satisfaction in life, as he/she except more from the people, and he want people to admire him always, due to egocentric he can never admire other, as he want to see himself a centre of attraction. The egocentric people can be a successful businessmen, Politician’s or lawyers as they are egocentric thinkers.
    Sociocentric and Ethical Reasoning
  3. In the song, the singer is admitting that the society is going in a wrong way, the behaviors are adopted by the society because the people admire this thinking, the one who is not believe on cognitive bias can face difficulties in society (Youtube, 2009).
  4. Egocentric people have their own thinking’s and beliefs, the norms and values are significantly shaped by the people of the society, everybody is deprived of the social norms and beliefs, egocentric thinking could be a barrier in one success, as they have their own cultural and religious beliefs, society and politics is also not favorable for them (Palomar, 2016).
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