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Socialization is a Lifelong Process of Learning

Socialization is a lifelong process of learning, in which the norms, ideologies, and habits can be inherited, every individual have the skills and habits, related to the society, however, the individual life, is based on the socialization process, which can be divided into the primary and secondary socialization. The lifelong process can start when the child is born, however, the child learns from the society, primary education can be explained by the education or learning which the child get from the family, friends and the people around him. Whereas, secondary education can be explained by the education, which the individual learn from the socializing agent in the society, and that could be known as the schools or the workplaces (Rohall, Milkie, & Lucas, 2011).

There are the different agents of the lifelong process socialization like religion, family, colleagues, friends, social media, school etc.. Socialization is explained as a long life process, what child learn in the childhood, have the influence on throughout the life. Socialization is the long life experienceSocialization is a Lifelong Process of Learning as the individual develops their human potential from the society, and learn how to behave or learn pattern according to the culture. The purpose of the socialization is that the human being could learn things that are acceptable in the community. However, we can give the example of the robbery or theft, that it is considered as a crime in the society, the individual learns since childhood that what is good and what is bad in the society. There is the need to do the things, that are acceptable and not the things that are not acceptable in the society.

Socialization on the primary and secondary basis is important for the individuals as they can learn about the etiquettes of the life; people could learn what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. To get safe from the negative consequences there is need to take the socialization as the lifelong process, the secondary education is important, because through that the people could know what is wrong in the societies. If children or the adults are not given the training in the societies then many bad things can happen in the societies, as the people could never know that whatever they are doing is acceptable or not.

Consequently, critical evaluation of things and thinking take place in the mind of the people, the elements of the personality take place and enhance the personality when one have the knowledge about the socialization.

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