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Social Media Marketing Research Outline Examples

Specific Goal

  1. I would like to talk about the impact of social media on businesses.
  2. How social media can be used to promote company services


  1. Social media has had a big impact on the society including businesses,
  2. Businesses are using social media to grow their services, and it has become one of the major ways in traditional marketing.

Social Media Marketing Research Outline Examples


  1. Businesses can use social media in several aspects, and it has little investment; it can be used in generating publicity and can adapt to the changing environment with technology.


  1. When considering the investment and the audience of social media, the investment is little when compared to the returns from the advertising through social media when compared to the traditional advertisement efforts.
  2. Businesses also have to make the best of the social media revolution, with the speed at which the technology is evolving, social media is also becoming more revolutionized.
  • People began using social media for personal agenda, and this made them trust social media.
  1. Other channels of advertisement need ROI; for example, when using backlinks, it may lead to SEO traction.
  2. There are channels that yield quick results, such as the use of influencer marketing.
  3. There are ways of using social media such as through microblogging, photo sharing and video sharing through YouTube, Periscope and Vimeo.
  • Social media has the advantage of a better target for new and old customers.


  1. Using social media is difficult, especially when it is used by businesses to promote their goods.
  2. It may take longer to build relationships through these applications and with time the business will be able to access many people, and let them trust in the business credibility, and later they want to do business with the individual and become loyal customers as well.
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