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Social Engineering and IT Security Incident Response

Many It experts and professionals from the technical side are mostly link the security issue with password rules, it means strong password policies. No doubt this is very important part of it and creates a logical difference as relative protection because we normally ignore the human factor. Social engineering couldn’t be excluded from security issues as we are humans and can do mistake at any level.

Many critical issues related to customers shown that human factor is also very important for security purposes. Attackers with using technical elements to hack any data, they also use specific technique for this purpose.

Now we study how to create social engineering incident response plan. A system is prepared   where we detect and investigate all the expected attacks on systems. Virtual team is arranged to deal with attacks and check what the type of attack is and how is it possible? Verify threatened resources? During business which steps are used to shut down current attack? Recovery procedure from attack? What sort of protection shield should be prepared against such type of attacks?

Now we are going to make a plan for addressing social engineering in our organization: Verify which threat has great impact? Verify all the resources used by attackers and how much they disturb the business? Determine all those attacks which mostly occur in business? Is that soft spot become main target to attack which policies, cultures and technology provide? Check to reduce or remove threat where we change our policy or technology? Develop such policies which helpful to perform well without any disturbance?

Awareness training should be implemented for critical areas, where policy, technology and processes not properly detect the error or threat. This guidance plan should be match with the culture of organization. It include; Durable (guidance should be base on truth and relevant and attackers couldn’t used this against of people), Memorable (guidance should be related to specific persons and can be remind when it required), Effective proven (guidance plan should be realistic, also implemented in different social engineering plans), Realistic (guidance plan should be implemented where as people can achieve their targets without any disturbance) and Concise and Consistent (all guidance plan should be simply mentioned and in short form also it related to all circumstances in which it implemented).

Social engineering is becoming more popular in last few years and used as a process of information gathering in organization due to security purposes. Attackers may avail the information related to policies, employees and infrastructure of organization which they used for wrong purposes. All organizations have different from each other so by knowing the structure different social engineering setup is applied in organizations. So, in simple words we can say that social engineering is very much helpful for any organization but we have to becoming stronger our all security panels which stop attackers to snatch our important and official data and strong IT technologies and techniquies, policies should be used for this purpose.

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