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Smart Grid Technology and Applications

Smart Grid Technologies


Technologies are always helpful for the people on the earth. It helps in all type of fields that are connected with the human to live healthy living standards. Human in the past as everyone knows it was bound to use slow methods of working. Those methods were only handmade as well at that time. That takes a lot of time to do any work or any difficult type of work related to living styles.

In the past when there is the very low amount of energy people just have the use of sunlight. Sun was the only source of living for the crops to grow for heat and energy as well. Benjamin Franklin in 1800s invented a connection between electricity and energy from the sun. He created plates and wires to connect these energies altogether so that they can be used in industries and houses for regular use. Electricity made a life of people so easy and comfortable.

It made life’s working efficient and more progressed. Electricity not only generated by sunlight now a day it can be created easily and efficiently by water reserves and coal as well. The electricity generated by these sources also helpful for the people. It has cheaper rates as compared to electricity produced by coal and furnace oil. Sunlight electricity also called as solar energy is cheap and more resistible in use. Solar energy minimizes the cost of bills and makes people more comfortable and loyal to the use of solaria energy now a day instead of electricity created from furnace oil or coal resources.

Smart Grid Technology and Applications

Smart Grid Technologies

There is a new technology invented about seven to eight years ago which is called Solar energy. This energy works on the principles of heat and power extracted from the sun. With the passage of time, new technologies have been invented to minimize the cost and to avoid the distortion problems that occur due to the use of expensive electricity by the use of consumer. Now a day with the increasing economic and financial budget problems. A consumer should provide reasonable and affordable means of electricity, which can be easily and efficiently utilized by the consumers without any cost burden.

A new technology Smart Grid technology is introduced a few years ago. Grids are the set of wires that transmit electricity from one resource to another resource. It is basically a transfer of energy between receiver and sender. It is invented in the 1960s and now it is in an improved shape and giving a lot of profit and ease to the consumers and scientists as well in providing the electricity transmission to their consumers properly and efficiently.

These electric grids can connect themselves to the millions of miles away from the main connection. Now this time this technology is so much improved that this can connect 3000,000 miles of transmission lines. It has units, which consumes and produces electricity at one place, which is about more than about 9200 in number. It also has more than 1 million of generating capacity. Now this time scientists are working on the method, which can enhance the working efficiency of a grid by increasing its connecting capacity to handle the groundswell technology dependent on it. (smartgrid.gov)


The electrical grid named, as Smart Grids are responsible for transmission of electrical signals or molecules from building the unit to consumers place. This transmission is happened by the use of wires formed of copper usually. These wiring must be efficient and proper so that no interruption will occur in the transmission of electricity from grids. There are three main resources or components that make up a grid to possibly work these are Electricity Generation Sources, Transmission System and Distribution System.

Electricity generation sources are the sources from which electricity is generated and transmitted to the end user. These sources include copper wires, Generators, Transformers and heavy power units in which electricity is consumed and supplied to the consumers for regular use. These units had a large storage capacity that it can store a large number of electricity units in it. Electricity transmission system makes the transmission of energy smooth and efficient. Energy is transmitted in a bulk of amount at one time.

Nearly 100 K and above amount of electrical signals are transmitted at one time from powerhouses to consumers. This transmission has happened under a system, which is called SCADA systems. This system is responsible for controlling and monitoring the methods and working process of electricity making and transmission in Grids. (Mavridou, 2012)

Need of Smart Grid

The need for using of smart grid became necessary to fulfill the need of increasing demand of electricity with the passage of time. It increases the efficiency of using energy and controlling the usage of energy requirements. A smart grid makes produces technology resources that can generate more and more of electricity by the use of energy. It is an essential part of marinating the developmental and proper usage of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) which is used for storage of electricity in the grid.

Smart meters are used in Smart grids, which save the energy for the rest of working, which reduces the expensive use of electricity by the consumers and makes them feel relax and lessen their burdens of the high amount of bills to be paid by them. The electric grid or smart grid makes the user know its usage of electricity. It makes people aware of their budget utilizing bills. This technology is not very expensive and should be improved by working on it. The labours or persons connected with the making of these grids must be encouraged and supported by incentives so that they can improve the efficiency of their working. This technology is very sensitive and caring to be performed in the field. (eesi.org, 2009p)

Giving Consumers Control

This technology is not just about modernism and development in electricity production methods. It is actually a process or an authority provided to you by the technology that you can keep a choice of using your energy. If a person manages his, other activities like working habits and follower a timetable to control wastage of time. Same as Gris system allowed a user to keep an eye on the usage of electricity by him/her.

The consumer can check frequently that how much energy is utilizing them. Which product is using more units of electricity so that it can be maintained? Which unit is utilizing a less quantity of units so its use can be made continues and long lasting? Now a day Smart meters are introduced by the government through which you can frequently check your usage of voltages of electricity. It also estimates the cost of electricity consumed by you so that you can control your excessive use of electricity as well as can control your bills.

Sometimes electricity becomes expensive because of any mean like increasing the prices of furnace oil or increasing the prices of coal or copper wires at the international markets. Country purchases it inexpensive rates and charges it from consumers in the form of taxes. You can when having knowledge of your users can save money or save units of electricity to avoid facing of heavy amounted bills.

Reactive Power, Voltage and Frequency

The Smart Grid technology is very efficient and fast. It works in the principles of affectionate working with precision and time saving methods. Smart grids use smart meters, which enhances the use of that electricity which utilizes more energy with less cost. Smart grid consumes a very large amount of energy to make low cost and effective amount of electricity. It has a high frequency of usage of voltage for the consumption of energy resources. The voltage depends on its working became very efficient and consumes less cost.

With the introduction of new technology, generation will use low-cost units with high working efficiency. People will use many small units of electricity, which costs less as compared to use one single big unit of voltage, which costs high to their meter. The consumption of electricity will be increased by the consumer at low cost. There will be provided many services in near future, which offers cost-saving tools to consumers.

There will be offered a large capacity consuming devices, which can store a large amount of voltage data at one time and at one place for future use. The voltage may fluctuate when we use a heavy machinery and runs something very heavy consuming appliance on electricity. It sometimes causes electricity failure and disturbance in the transmission of flow of electricity.  (D’hulst, 2018)

Post-Fault Restoration, Loss Of Generation

Restoration means storing some amount of energy or voltages for future use in time of emergency. The restoration of the network can be implemented by the use of changing the status of loops and switches of the loops so that it can meet up the demand of required voltages in the system. The current technology method is not spread after the entrance of new channel distribution in it. Meanwhile, the operation power consumption, the quantity of current passed through the copper wires and the changes in the contribution of working capacities cause changes in restoration demands for the system. By changing the places and styling of fitting of loops and switches connected to the loops, it also changes the art of working and methods of working also are changed.

It also changes the topological positions of a system in the distribution network, which results in the change in power of supply consumption and supply restoration in the system. There should be happened a change in the restoration services and improvements should be implemented in the operations reliability and working efficiency of systems working. The new generation is losing its latest methods and stamina to use those methods because of overpowered supply of some electric appliances at home and at industries as well.  (Xiaoyu, 2014)

Low/High Demand For Load

The amount of load used by any area or any other place depends on the usage capacity of that place. If the area is commercial then there will be a continues use of heavy pieces of machinery which works on obvious electricity and utilizes many units of electricity. These heavy types of machinery are bound; you can say depends only on the consumption of high units of electricity to run. They can be made low consuming machines by changing some parts in it, which consumes high voltage of energy.

There is an option, which can utilize our energy consumption, which is a use of solar energy. This energy, which is introduced many years ago cost more just at the time of fixing. However, later it consumes the very low amount of electricity, which makes its use more efficient and relaxing for the consumer. If we talk about the electricity use in residential are then we can easily click this point that there will be a less use of electricity consumption as compared to the commercial area. With the increase in demand a load of devices on the electricity usage, this also increases the storage capacity and making of high capacity energy is also become essential to meet the needs. The less or more demands of energy voltage can be controlled by proper use of appliances and energy consuming devices so that wastage of electricity can be taken into account and it fulfills the need of technology where it is needed.

Load Flow Issue

Load flow is an important tool, which is being considered by the engineers while making a plan to make the best system to run the best system in working. The exchange of power between the companies or transmitters is the essential and most prominent portion of the efficient working off-grid system. If we started doing the analysis of power flow, it will take a lot of time and energy of persons as well power flow can be controlled by using any method. The conversion of renewable resource energy into a distribution network of energy changes the entire structure of electric networking.

The issues are many such as improper wiring may be implemented in the system, which can cause interruption and distortion in the flow of electricity among the wires. It causes a disturbance in energy transmission as well. Second, one may be the disturbance in weather sometimes weather disturbs so much the working efficiency of energy flow which causes problems in working. Sometimes due to water, entrance in the system there may be happened a spark in the system, which damages a lot of part of a system and in result failure, happened in the system and load became doubled at one place or at different places. This issue can be resolved by taking precautionary measures in this field of work. Ravadanegha), 2015

Smart Meter Connectivity

Now with the passage of time and with the increase in the technology there comes the smart meters, which are cost-effective and consumes less energy also saves the time and measurements of reading of consumers. Smart meters can measure energy more efficiently and precisely and also consumes less energy. The smart meters connected with solar plates are very efficient and applicable in many ways easily and accurately.

Now a day people are moving to insert smart panels with solar plates especially in their houses. It saves many costs on bills in-house. Thus makes money save for further uses. This system is also implemented now a day by industries also adapting this solar systems energy use because it is cost minimizing and timesaving as well. An estimate says that it saves on a yearly basis up to 40 billion-energy cost all over the world. It is a long time investment for the households and as well as for industry users.

Smart meters along with solar energy are easy to apply and easy to emit out if you did not satisfied with the use of it. Millions of people now a day using this system and making them satisfied with this. (Ingrams, 2017)


The overall scenario of this report states that the use of Smart Grid systems along with solar energy a renewable energy is very useful and efficient. It saves a lot of time and energy consumption as well. People have gained trust in this system. This system makes the use of them easy and trustful. The proper wiring helps in proper transmission of energy, keeps the flow proper, and smooth as well. The improper connection between wires, which are mostly used, made of copper causes electricity failure and damage as well. The damage caused by electricity can become very dangerous and time taking as well which causes trouble in people’s life.

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