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SEO Case Study Analysis

Case Study Objectives: SEO Case Study Analysis

House of Antojitos was looking to have web traffic on their website. When a person searches their services from a search engine their site should be visible there so that most of people can visit their site. Previously their visibility on Google search engine was zero.

We have done extensive optimization to improve their site ranking on Google. We also have identified where the problem lies and what is required to be improved.


The client wanted to increase their sales by increasing their internet traffic to their website (Google Analytics) as well as local foot traffic through exposure from Google maps (Insights Analytics). So firstly we have done SEO analysis through Google Analytics and Google Insight. This gave us information that where the problem lies and what errors need to be tackled so that ranking of site might be improved.

We utilized various strategies for optimization and also extensively audited their citations. We have also worked on the errors in scripts and page loading so that the site will be optimized.

Beside “Listing on Search” and “Listing on Maps”, you’ll see the number of views your listing received from each product in the timeframe you’ve selected. (“Views” are like “impressions” on other analytics platforms.) To see how many people found you on a particular product on a particular day, place your cursor over the appropriate segment of the graph on the day you’re interested in.


The following are the results we obtained:

  1. The page views were overall increased up to 18.61% as compared to May 25 to Jun 30.
  2. The sales were increased at combatively higher rate as page views were increased
  3. Unique page views increased by 12% as compared to site before optimization
  4. Total views in 1 month after optimization were 2.09K
  5. The total searches in one month are 1204 in which directly found are 356 and 848 by search engines.
  6. Total actions done in 1 month by customers were 184 which included Request directions=58, calls done = 75.
  7. Customers typically spend 30 min to 2 hour at your location. The average visit lasts 1 hour.
  8. Mostly 10am-10pm people use to visit the site.
  9. The photos receive 79.3% fewer views than similar businesses. This shows that photo content is low at the site.
  10. The photo views were 10.3 K in one month and photo quantity you have is 67.


The above results show that how the site is improved as compared to previous results although it still need some improvements but it is better than zero ranking. Now people have started approaching the site and are availing their services. Gradually it will become popular as more people will search then they recommend it to their friends to use the site. Basic SEO has been completed now it depends on people searches which will make it popular. We have done what we could do the best i.e. making rank of site better on search engines. Actions on a website guarantee more sales because views are important if you have AdSense account and you earn from your views. This site needs actions more than the views as its earning from providing its services. The increase in unique user helps in increasing popularity of website and you can see that unique views are increasing day by day. Before optimization its basic page had 0% views and when it became visible on search engine then it dramatically increased more than 100%. Now the client needs to work on photo views as its photos were having less views as compared to market may be they won’t be interesting enough to attract the customers. Now the better they provide their services the better will be result as positive feedback helps you to earn fro business.

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