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Examination of School Shootings and Student Safety from Public Administration Viewpoint


School shootings are a rising issue in the United States. This issue has been residing in society for a long time, but its severity is increasing with time. Many policies have been introduced in recent times in order to provide security to schools. One thing that is worth noting is that this issue has gained momentum, and people are talking about it. The basic step in gaining freedom from this issue is acceptance. This research mainly focuses on how public administration is helping in getting control over these kinds of incidents and what new policies are being introduced.

School shooting incidents are getting severe and serious in recent times that has greatly impacted the society. After the incident of 9/11, Americans have developed a sense of fear in them. This fear has led them to a sensitive point where every incident greatly impacts their minds. School shootings are a heinous crime that can never be justified. There are plenty of cases where school shootings and massacres were conducted out of personal grudges. Personal reasons surely put a whole new layer of pressure in order to control the shootings as be waring of some other person’s heart and instincts is quite hard.  This is why keeping track of public or school shootings is difficult and, in some cases, quite impossible. School shootings directly attack the freedom of young and innocent students. In some cases, the punishment to one cost several lives. This threatens the safety and security of students. There are a lot of incidents that have had happened in the United States that have really disturbed the mindset and freedom of several individuals. This is the point where public administration comes into the picture as the only way people can trust their children to schools is by effective and authentic policies to prevent such hazardous events.

School Shootings and Student Safety

Topic of Research

School shootings are not just a shooting that took place at a certain school, but it threatens the whole nation. The safety and security of each and every citizen is the responsibility of the state. In the same way, maintaining the safety of every student is the responsibility of the school. Further, school as a whole is the responsibility of the state. Check and balance on each and every individual in the school comes under the administration of the school, but when something bad happens, public administration needs to come to the rescue. The whole point of this is that when an unfortunate event occurs, public administrations need to behave as a keen head by providing emotional support as well as evident and policies-based support that can prevent further unfortunate happenings. The responsibility definitely lies on the shoulders of public departments, and it is a basic human right of every citizen to have freedom and security at the same in a state. Showing responsibility, taking the blame, justifying the position, accepting mistakes, digging hard to find the criminals, ensuring justice, all are actions that bring a ray of hope for the sufferers and for the whole society as well. These actions can incline the image of public administrations in the eye of the general public. Along with all this, continuous efforts to serve justice also brings a lot of positive energy to the citizens.

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