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New Food Business Idea


Marketing And Sales Program

Farm Food has introduced various offers for the benefits of the customers. Farm Food keep in mind various factors in the preparation of the food like climate change, public awareness, reduction of wastes and carbon footprint. Farm Food is always trying to happy their customers.

Product/Service Concept

Farm food stimulates the healthy flora that helps to understand the overall health of the dog. In the world, flora food is very poor, so we want to focus on the flora healthy food. We take care the dog and provide healthy food. We are serving the world with our services and reduced the unpreventable health problems.

New Food Business Idea

Product/Service Package

We provide the puppy milk which is different to others. Farm food is number one

Full of cream goat milk instead of cow skimmed milk. Goat milk is much healthy for the puppies. Farm Food also release the collagen resolves the problem of the plague. Farm Food also provides the tasteful natural toothbrush. We provide the best food for our customer and care for their comments and feedback.

Product/Service Process

Farm Food is doing the following process. The famous slogan of the low price describes the philosophy of the Farm Food. It aims to improve the customer’s services. The main aim of Farm Food is to provide the valuable products on the low prices. The main point of the value chain is to produce the valuable product on a high degree of values as compared to the other services. Farm Food has many effective strategies that are smooth to apply the use and valuable services as compared to the other servers. The main aim of the Farm Food is to reduce the price and gain the leadership position in the market. There rea some problems which can be solved with proper research and development in the market.

Capacity Planning

Capacity determines the farm maximum level of the food and value depends on the normal level. Planning of the Farm Food capacity is the big task and it critically measures the value of your business. Capacity planning involves the money and time both in your business. Capacity helps one-way measuring of your business like output measure or input measure. If the complexity increase the operation and the method become less useful. You must consider one thing before making any capacity making the decision to get the desired amount. The capacity planning is helpful in the reserve capacity in your Farm Food. The capacity planning helps in expand your Farm Food business. Capacity planning help in taking a risk and improve your business by taking decisions.  (Betts, 2016)

Capacity Planning Strategy

For expand, our business capacity planning strategy is very important. We expected the strategy and take decisions staying ahead of demand and minimizing the profit loss due to the insufficient capacity. For expand the business of the Farm Food plan for effective strategies. Implementing this strategy can help you to see the overall result of the business. If you can expand the business, you should get information about the geographic area and other factors, which influence on your business. Capacity planning helps and prepares you for taking a risk in your business. You can manage your supply chain risk more effectively. After implementing the strategy, you should wait for the result or output. The aim of the capacity planning is to expand the business in small increment. The strategy has its own risk. Some strategy is short term or long term. For expanding, the new business short term is an effective strategy. After strategy implement, we can see the result for short term than we can change the strategy according to the result of business. (NORTHWEST TERRITORIES, 2017)


For effective operations and process of the Farm Food, our business allows maximizing the efficiency to achieve the greater outcomes. Farm Food provide the healthy food for the customers and beat the other competitors in the market. It focuses on the customer’s satisfaction, business profit, and effectiveness of the output. To provide the good product on the right time Farm Food facilitate the customers with our services. Supply chain and business processes and contribute the buyers and joint the product development. We provide best services for the customers’s satisfaction. We do work for the benefits of the customers and make ensure to serve with best products. Farm Food provides healthy food as compare to the other food companies. We meet our desire standard with maximum potential.

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