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Rise Up by Andra Day Meaning

There are increased cases of misery and evil in the world. Many people have considered the world to be rough. They Rise Up by Andra Day Meaningbelieve that there is nothing that can save them from the heartache, misery and the difficulties they are undergoing. However, life must continue because they have found themselves in this world. In such difficult times, it is essential to find something that can make them feel exactly what they need to feel. Music plays such an integral role. It helps to bring hope to the hopeless and restore their dreams. “Rise Up” by Andra Day is an inspirational song that makes people feel better.  The lyrics of the song remind people that in spite of the difficulties and miseries they should not lose hope. In addition, people should rise to overcome the anxieties and evil.

Andra Day is a professional musician and songwriter from San Diego California. She has produced several albums and won several awards. Day’s album “Rise Up” was nominated for best R & B performance during 2016 Grammy Awards. Day began singing at a tender age. She began dancing at the age of five a career which she pursued until her early 20s. She enrolled at Valencia Park Elementary School where she developed an interest in performing arts. After high school, she proceeded to San Diego of Creative and Performing Arts. She has specialized in performing R&B, souls, jazz, blues, disco, swing, and pop. She released her first album in August 2015 and later released “Rise Up” in September the same year. She is accredited for her lyrics and performance. She has performed her song “Rise Up” on several occasions to motivate and encourage both young and old.

“Rise Up” by Andra Day is a powerful song. Andra was motivated to write and sing the song to spread the message of perseverance during difficult times.  For instance, Day sings “All we need is hope…don’t forget we have each other.” The message has been used as a beacon of hope. Andra Day wanted the song to uplift, restore hope and encourage people who are living in a tumultuous period. Day considered the cultural and social factors that are facing the society. Day was brought up in a rough neighborhood in South East San Diego. Some of her classmates were involved in blood gang. As such, she needed to address some of these evils in the society through performing arts. Some of her childhood friends had lost hope. She believed that the song would encourage them to rise again. For instance, in the chorus she sings “all we need, all we need is hope…and for that, we have each other…and for that we have each other…we will rise…we will rise.” The lyrics are a beacon of hope to those who think that they have nothing to achieve in life. In spite of the difficulties of the day, people can still rise a thousand times and again to realize their dreams.

The lyrics of the song have a deeper meaning. They can uplift someone both emotionally and spiritually. The song can influence the life of an individual and affect them in a real way. The lyrics of the song target a group of people who have been overwhelmed by political, social and economic factors. For instance, the song became an anthem for the Mothers of the Movement. The group comprised of women who had lost their sons to police brutality as a result of racial discrimination. The message of the song has been used by the Black Lives Matter Movement to encourage them that they will rise from racial discrimination and police brutality.

In the first line of the song, Day sings “you are broken down and tired of living on a merry-go-round, and you can’t find the fighter.” In this line, Day describes the kind of difficulties that people undergo. In the next line, she sings “I see it in you, so we gonna walk it out and move mountains.” This is an encouragement and a beacon of hope. The difficulties that people experience in their daily lives can be overcome. She instills hope to the hopeless and assures them that they will rise from the challenges a thousand times and again.

The lyrics of the song apply to several people. Today, many people face heartache and various forms of evil. Some have lost hope and are not sure whether they will cross to the following day. The lyrics of the song attract audience since it contains a message of hope and encouragement. They are reminded that they can rise above such obstacles. The audience is told that they only need hope and one another to overcome the aches.

The lyrics of a song can be more profound than the first impression. A song can be used to change the lives of people in a real way. As such, it is essential to listen to the message of the song since they influence life positively.

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