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Relationship Between Computer Hardware and Software

Hardware And Software

A hardware term could be explained as the physical device, which is used as a machine and installed in the computer. Whereas, the software is a collection of code, which is, there in the hard drive of the computer system. There is the relationship between hardware and the software. The hardware is stored in the computer RAM or the hard drive. It allows the computer so that the sound could be created by the speakers and the images shown on a monitor.  Thus, the software allows the person so that they could contact or interact with the hardware example, the Mac OS, Windows, and the other operating systems.

Internet Telecommunication Networks Support Business

The internet telecommunication networks are the collection of terminal nodes, there are the terminals that are connected to the nodes and provide the information. However, in this way, there is the greatly increase and expand the resources for the people or customers and the business, the telecommunications network, in this way, help to expand the company because the resources could be efficiently used. Through the internet, telecommunication networks the information could be discovered about the clients and the clients can obtain the information about the company. Moreover, better service could be provided to the customers and the company in this way get achieves the success in the market.

Relationship between Computer Hardware and Software

Different Types Of Identity Management And Authentication Technologies

Identity management is known as the identifying individuals in a system, there could be an identification of a network and an enterprise. Thus, the controlling system, have the access to resources and the users are given the rights and restrictions between or within the established identity. Pure identity in which there is the identity signature, there could be the use of the multiple systems. The user identity, the user could use and access the management process and identity federation, the user who is given access, as on is the participant of a federation, are the examples of the identity management. Facial recognition, card shaped one-time password device and personal portable security device are examples of authentication technologies.

Security Measures Used To Counter Cyber Attacks And Safeguard Business Information

The types of security measures are property, information and the people, the business needs to secure everything if want to stay safe. The businesses need to train the employees so the data should be secure. The data could be secured, if disable the devices, so that there could be no cyber attacks, as the employees could remove the media from the computer by disabling the devices, they could use the USB ports, which can be connected to the external devices that can be removed when on need to disable the device. There is need to protect the property as other could take advantages of it.

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