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Relationship Between CEO and HR


HR stands for human resource. It is that important part of any firm or organization that all the success of the organization depends on the HR department is the most important part of the organization. If this department is weak in any organization then that organization cannot be able to get good and valuable success in the market in comparison with the other organizations in competition in the market. HR department is run by many of the different people in it but the most important and essential part of this department is the CEO chief executive officer of the HR department although of the overall organization in fact. CEO manages all the tasks that are related to the need of finance in the HR department is managed by the CEO of the organization. All the strategies in HR department are made by the CEO authority’s confirmation as a must.

Why did you Choose this Topic?

I choose this topic because this topic is the essential part of the organization in the HR department. If there is any issue regarding CEO and the HR department of any organization then it became impossible to get the actual success in that organization which he deserves.

Why is this important?

This topic is the most important as this relationship is the essential relationship in any firm if this department is strong then that organization becomes strong but if this department gets weak then that organization became also weak.

Your viewpoint Regarding this Topic

Related to this topic my viewpoint is that this department holds all the most important factors of the organization because this department hires and selects the people to work in the organization. If you get hired wrong people then they will make the organization working performance slow and worse as well.

Do you Agree or Disagree? Why or Why not?

Yes, I agree with the statement because HR department holds that portion of the organization that is related to the selection of that person who is going to run the working of the organization. If those people are bad or unqualified then they cannot be able to run the organization smoothly.


The experience I had in my life related to the HR is very much positive. The company in which I was appointed as a CEO there I selected the most qualified and experienced people so that they all well aware of the working criteria and how to do the work accordingly was also in their knowledge so that it became very much easy and essential for the company and the company’s other employees it I also considered to be as a good sign as well.


Summing up all the essential points which I discuss in this article is that the HR department and the relationship between CEO is the most important and an essential part in any organization that needs to be very much positive and it should be positive and well planned in terms of making different strategies for the betterment of the organization. The HR organization follows many important and efficient steps in order to select the candidate in the organization. The CEO controls and manages all the implementations of the strategies in the organization. The future topic should be Recruitment and selection in any organization.

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