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Public Authority for Electricity and Water in Oman

Public Authority of Electricity and Water

Structures And Systems

Oman is the country, which is now self-sufficient very much in the making of electricity for its own use in bulks. The company Public Authority of electricity and water in Oman deals with the electricity commitments and issues to meet completely and according to the demand in the country. This Organization Stands for PAEW provides the efficient quality of electricity and power services with best alternatives availability as well. PAEW was founded on 9 September 2007 by Royal Decrees. The supply of electricity is only limited according to the policy set by Sultanate of Oman. It has nearly 1800 employees in its organization that worked very hard and passionately in the organization in each department as well. All the functions and duties of company are described in article 74 of the sector Law. (omanpwp.com)

The functions, which PAWE possess in its surroundings under the lawsuits, are that they have to meet the demands or capacity of power, which is needed to be generated to fulfill the requirement of the peoples for electricity. Which must follow all the laws and limitations that is being created by the Saltines it must also secure more and new capacity or output as an alternative or in use at the time of emergency as well. PAW must make proper financing of the budget, which is needed for the maintenance in electrical terms. Therefore, that proper financing must be made by also considering the budgets of your competitors as well who are working privately in the country. They have made some policies, which are useful and profitable in future in terms of electricity consumption and capacities as well. (Abri, 2017)

Public Authority for Electricity and Water in Oman

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Leadership Value Systems And Structures

Leadership is that quality of a person or organization in which they all lead to the overall organizations processes and structures. Leaders will lead the teams and all the organizations according to the strategy made to complete that task. In an organization, leaders are the essential part of that organization because they have to lead the team on the right way so that workers properly work in the organization according to the planning and strategies. Because if the planning’s and strategies are not followed properly then it became very difficult for the organization and companies to achieve their required target and on time as well. In addition, if targets will not achieve on time then it became impossible for the companies to get success and rapid growth in terms of competition with your competitors.(Awlabani, 2014)

Leadership value system evaluates the processes and strategies that when you implement in the company it helps you and your employees to work properly and according to the plan. When you follow proper plans in a company then the company will achieve the targets according to the demand and timely accomplishment of the projects leads to the increasing amount of revenue in the organization. In PAWE, the value-based leadership implementation leads to the success as it creates a sense of good leadership among the employees and employees work more efficiently in good leadership because they got continuous guideline from the leaders and a sense of competition creates the atmosphere and working abilities of the employees competitive and efficient as well. (Horn, 2014).


Competitors are the essential part in the market in which you are working. Competitors keep you active in terms of going ahead fast and efficiently and it pushes you all the time to go forward by obtaining new ideas and techniques. In terms of Electricity Company, the competitors of Oman are Main Interconnected System (“MIS”) in the north of Oman; the Rural System of the Rural Areas Electricity Company (“RAEC”); and the Dhofar Power System (“DPS”). These are the three main competitors in Oman in the field of electricity making. These competitors’ works on a slightly different project of making electricity so that the consumption of electricity can be made completes. (oman.org)

The methods of making their electricity are little bit different and unique but some processes are common. The use of electricity and the use of process makes easier for the companies to complete the shortage of electricity in the country. Some  companies made electricity with water, some uses coal while other uses oil as well to produce electricity because sometimes one formula failed so in order to compensate the shortage of electricity other formula can be utilized at once and save country from any loss or failure as well. Oman plans to combine some other companies which are already working in some ruler areas of the Oman in order to save the fuel expense and when two plants are combined they take the form of a big plan and one big plant at one time can easily make a bulk of electricity quantity which fulfills the peoples need properly, without any shortage. (businessgateways.com, 2017).

Positive Or Negative Traits

Every organization or company where too many people work for the same project accomplishment then there came an air of conflicts and competition as well. When too many people are working in an organization then obviously they are of different nature, they have different mindsets and they also belong to different cultures and follow different values and beliefs as well. The main and the most essential quality of a leader is to determine whether all the employees which are working within the organization. Were they behaving well with each other or were they acting like good fellows with each other or not. It is the foremost duty of the leader to make the atmosphere of that organization friendly and positive as well as they have to do a lot of work on the projects, which are made to accomplish the targets according to the proper strategies made by the higher authorities.

Traits are basically the properties or qualities you can also say within an organization that is when shown in the organization it impacts greatly on the working efficiencies of the organization. The qualities, especially of a leader in the companies, reflects in the working efficiency of that organization that whether the leader is efficient and sharp minded he can easily manage the tense situations if happened in the organization. Because when too many people are working in the organization than it is compulsory that conflicts may produce in the organization that can affect the atmosphere of the company. In addition, can make employees insecure and unsafe as well. (Morrison, 2017)

Sector Evaluation

Evaluation is the examination of the systems or processes within an organization or company. When a company works on different projects, the managers have to implement new and different strategies to achieve different goals in the company. Some goals can be achieved easily by working on the simple and the old one’s strategies but sometimes, managers needed some new and improved projects in order to accomplish some new targets, which needs new technicalities and efficiencies to be completed. Therefore, managers must implement new and modern techniques and strategies within an organization so that the organization becomes advanced as compared to the working efficiency with its competitors.

PAW is moving towards hiring or implementation of new tenders or projects by inviting consultants in their company so that the surplus of water and electricity can be saved accordingly and when needed can be utilized at once. Sometimes there made a surplus of electricity supply is made in order to be needed at the time of shortage. Therefore, PAWE is considering those measurements, which can compensate the electricity consumptions as well.  (Freyberg, 2017).


The competitors are the rival parties or companies that are working on the same project on which you are working already. Competitors always try to go beyond your success limit but they lack some essential points or qualities, which makes them successful from you. Some competitors when you implement new technologies try to do the same work but as it is actually not possible because these are the secrets of your management that what to do and how. Therefore, you must take care of this that not all your secrets may be leaked by any of your employees or any other member.

Positive And Negative Impacts On Competitors

The differences, which occur in the working of an organization or companies with that of competitors, related to the processes or strategies they use to implement in the organization or company to go beyond their competitors. The differenc4e, which mainly came, was the difference of the material, strategies, working styles or may be planning, is observed among organization working on the same project. The competitors always try to exploit your way of working or the idea what you implement on the working efficiency in your organization. Sometimes the evaluation causes competitors to get fear from you because your company grows high with the new inventions and techniques that you put in your organization.

The competitors affect badly on your growth and try to copy you so that they also can get success like you. This is a negative trait on your competitor because sometimes they took the very harsh step to compete you, which may lose your strength and efficiency as well. Therefore, you must be careful while implementing new implementations in your company. The positive trait of evaluation on competitors is that they contact with you properly, takes permissions from you to visit your new implementations to work on them also or offers you to merge themselves in your company too. So that both can work more efficiently with the same purpose, consumer benefits. This is a good sign of your evaluation and implementation of new strategies within your organization or company. It also encourages your employees to work as the team with new members. (Saint)


Changes are essential to perform in an organization that sometimes old and boring methods may not allow you to get success. Businesses and workings always need changes with new technologies and innovations so that new demands are meet according to new tactics. Changes are compulsory in the success of every organization because it revolutionized the working styles within an organization. New working styles and technologies must be essential in an organization that it increases the chances of fast success in your company. If we look at the electricity company, new technologies and plants are essential to implement in the organization so that fast and efficient electricity with minimum cost can be achieved at the times of bills.

Electricity, which can be utilized and used in every field of life so that all the working of our daily lives depends upon the electricity. All the tasks are now based on the electricity so that it becomes very much important to develop a bulk amount of electricity in your country to meet the needs of electricity by the consumers. Electricity needs heavy machinery to build so that proper working can be done. Electricity formation is the very sensitive task to complete so that it is accomplished carefully and properly under the supervision of experts.

The Extent At Which Organization Forefront Of This Transformation

The extent is the level of acceptance of an organization is that how the organization is accepting the new technologies and the strategies, which you implement in your company. In electricity company, when electricity manufactures in a plant. Then it is to be taken into account that how your working efficiency is improving high or not. When Electricity produced, then you have to supply it to all the small, power plants, which cannot produce electricity, but they work on the electricity and supplies electricity to all the consumers. Electricity, as you know, can be produced by not only with water it can be produced by using fuel, coal and gas as well. This invention in the process of making electricity. The electricity, which is made by coal needs a huge plantation and it needs, continues the supply of coal to the plant as well. The coal when first mined it needs to be very dry, because if the coal is not dry then the proper electricity is just impossible to produce by coal. The coal electricity is cheap units electricity because of coal is brought on cheap prices. Its plantation is very expensive but once it is planted, it is useful for years. The electricity made with furnace oil is very expensive kind of electricity because the furnace oil is very expensive kind of oil. The plantation of furnace oil is also an expensive setup but as well it is once planted, can be used for a long time as well.

Top Two Or Three Big Issues

The problems came in every organization or company it is the part of working in an organization that you have to face too many problems in an organization. Some problems are related to your working strategies and some are related to the conflicts and disputes among your organization or company. The work in an electricity making plants is very sensitive and critical as well. The biggest problem that the electricity company’s hast to face the replacement of their plant in an area which must be away from the residence of people. If these plants are near to the residential area then it must be very dangerous for the people. The smoke that emits from the factories and plants of electricity plants are very much dangerous for the people and the atmosphere as well. It is polluting the environment and it causes the atmosphere badly. The smoke is very much dangerous for the people when they breathe it can cause many diseases in them.

The second problem is smoke and the third main problem must be the competitors working as if they use any better strategy related to being environmentally friendly and feasible to sustainability then they may lose the confidence and strength of the good reputation and fame in the country an among other competitors as well. So companies should make proper arrangements to compensate the issues if came in the organization and companies so that they may not suffer losses or any other problem due to these issues. The issues are not to made burden zed and you do not need to be pressurized by that every management and leaders of the company they should remain calm and cool in that organization or company so that all the problems can be solved easily and precisely so that you can cop up that issue and can be resolved timely and properly. (gulfnews.com, 2012)

Future Sustainability

Every company, which is working on any project or term, must be environmental friendly of that country because they are concerned with the environment to be made friendly. In order to remain in the good books of the consumers every business must create good atmospheres so that they can easily achieve the required target of success, they are going to make it. On which they are working hard. Every company should make good and authentic future strategies so that in terms of needs you can go to that strategies in order to achieve maximum revenue. The electricity company’s backup plans must be the stock of material needed for the manufacturing of electricity at every time.

Future strategies are to be according to the future needs and wants that should be assumed by the management or leaders of the organization or company. The electricity productions needed the stock of material of which you are making electricity as coal, fuel etc. Because the plants of electricity need consistent working if they stopped due to less supply of the material then those plants may damage and disturbed and they may lose their efficiency as well. This causes a big loss to the plantation department and for the company as well. (A.H. Al-Badi, 2011)

Leadership Behaviors

Leadership, as I discussed above, are the terms or qualities that need to be distinguished a proper in the leader. Not only in the leader but also in every employee of the organization so that every employee help each of its other employees in terms of completing the required task. In electricity, field employees have to work on the plants that need to be work very sensitively and properly because no unknown or unable person can get access to the plants. The lower employees can be easily taken into work with good behaviour of the upper employees this makes the lower employees motivated and allows them to work with more passion. The best leader is that who leads all the employees at one point. (C. Shawn Burke, 2006)

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