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Public Authority for Electricity and Water in Oman

Public Authority of Electricity and Water

Structures And Systems

Oman is the country, which is now self-sufficient very much in the making of electricity for its own use in bulks. The company Public Authority of electricity and water in Oman deals with the electricity commitments and issues to meet completely and according to the demand in the country. This Organization Stands for PAEW provides the efficient quality of electricity and power services with best alternatives availability as well. PAEW was founded on 9 September 2007 by Royal Decrees. The supply of electricity is only limited according to the policy set by Sultanate of Oman. It has nearly 1800 employees in its organization that worked very hard and passionately in the organization in each department as well. All the functions and duties of company are described in article 74 of the sector Law. (omanpwp.com)

The functions, which PAWE possess in its surroundings under the lawsuits, are that they have to meet the demands or capacity of power, which is needed to be generated to fulfill the requirement of the peoples for electricity. Which must follow all the laws and limitations that is being created by the Saltines it must also secure more and new capacity or output as an alternative or in use at the time of emergency as well. PAW must make proper financing of the budget, which is needed for the maintenance in electrical terms. Therefore, that proper financing must be made by also considering the budgets of your competitors as well who are working privately in the country. They have made some policies, which are useful and profitable in future in terms of electricity consumption and capacities as well. (Abri, 2017)

Public Authority for Electricity and Water in Oman

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