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Pros and Cons of Social Media Networking

Endless Possibilities to Develop your Social Media Identity and Presence – Pros and Cons of Social Networking

Social networking fever is rising with every passing day as there are many websites that offer this service. There are many social media platforms where people share their interests and activities. Social networking has now become a meeting place for people who are fond of sharing their activities and discussing different topics. Anything interesting happening on the earth becomes a news on social media within no time. Some people use it for promoting their websites, to post bulletins and update the every minute latest news.

Pros and Cons of Social Media NetworkingNetworking on Social Media:

  • Change in Business Landscape:

Development in business has been increasing tremendously with the use of social media networking. Businesses have a platform to promte their products and increase the sales by making online transactions. By creating a website of a company businesses increase the marketing of their products and services. Social media has opened a new door for business to business and business to consumer networking.

  • Measures the Level of Your Success:

Interaction on social media such as comments, shares, likes, tweets, retweets and posts- are the easiest way ever to keep the record and track of your success. Compare the profits that you gained the year when you were not using social media for the promotion of your product. You would definitely begin to draw the most colorful picture of your most lucrative social networking actions.

  • Target Audience:

For businesses the main target is consumer. Social media advertising helps you to control who sees your ads, saving your time ,effort and money. You always have a free hand to target whoever you want i.e different age groups, gender, political affiliations or relationships to your business. You can target hobbies, interests, different personality types etc. social media advertising helps you bring your message to whichever niche you want.

  • Brand Success:

Social media is the medium through which you can easily communicate to people. You simply communicate the quality and price of your product and promising long-term loyalty and gaining the trust of consumers to increase the profits. 80% of customers who have had a good experience of the particular brand would definitely recommend the company to others.

  • Recognition Through Social Media:

Networking is a road that leads different businesses to success. It provides wide range of opportunities and builds new relationships. It is not only beneficial for business people but also for the educationists, students and people belonging to different professions.

Everything has some benefits and drawbacks, likewise the social media networking has some pros and cons that are listed below;


Pros of Social Media


Cons of Social Media

 Advanced social connections:

Social relationships have been increasing with the use of social media networking. Adults connect with their family and friends establish new relations with people belonging to  different genders and age groups.

Fake identity:

Maintaining an identity to spoil the reputation of the social media sites has become common. People just fill in the fake details and deceive innocent people.

Interaction for learning purposes:

Students use internet to share and gain information on certain topics. They share and get help in their assignments and projects through social media.

Misuse of the social media platform:

Some people are more prone to pick up the bad use of technology and networking. They start playing with confidentiality and security by leaking the sensitive information. Mishandling of information and sites could harm the company’s integrity and reputation. A negative image of a company can hinder its progress.

Easy access to gather and share information:

In earlier times, there was a lack of medium that could provide people the opportunity to develop a pool of information for them. The only access people had was word to mouth details. But now in this contemporary world people are able to share their experiences, both good or bad on different social sites. There are number of health, law, civic issues, political issues related groups that enlighten and inform people about right information.

Hacking of Accounts:

Hacking for evil purposes or fun has become a common practice now-a-days. The person who is involved in doing this thing is known as a Hacker . By doing this the hacker ruins the other persons life as he grapples the personal pictures, videos and information.

Forum for advertising:

Making things easier for people would be like giving them a sigh off relief. Social media has made it easy for everyone to find employment, job sourcing recruitment besides that sale of products , marketing , launches and updates are available making it feasible for people to read the reviews and details of the product before buying it.

Cyberbullying – Creating Chaos :

Children are being trapped and bullied on the internet. Anyone can make fake account to do any unethical act without being traced. It has become easy to bully anyone on the internet. Threats, false messages, intimidation and rumors can be sent to people to create discomfort and disturbance in the society.

Awareness of criminal activities:

Law enforcement bodies and police with mutual collaboration are using social media to track the record of criminals the use of technology has made it easier for the police to get their track.

Health Issues:

Excess of anything is harmful. Health is a blessing and excessive use of social media can have a negative impact on health. Physical activity keeps you healthy and fresh but when there is too much use of social media people become lazy and prefer to sit at one place which eventually results in weight gain



Social media has both positive and negative drawbacks in society. It has totally transformed the way people socialize, interact and communicate on the web. Social media has every field in its grip whether its business, education, health, politics. Every field needs recognition and advertisement for its progress and the only platform that can help is social media. Marketing through social media is the easiest way to spread and advertise your business all over the world.

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