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Pros and Cons of Online Shopping


The advancement of technology and availability of internet has made shopping easy. Currently, people do not have to go for shopping physically. An individual can buy things at home or any place of choice through the internet. Shopping online involves placing and paying for products online. Business organization have developed website platforms which enable buyers to place order and make payment for products using credit card. The product being bought online is shipped to the customer after making full payment. Online shopping like any other form of business is accompanied by advantages and disadvantages. Though online shopping has some disadvantages it is better as compared to physical shopping.

Advantages and Pros of Online Shopping

  • Saves Time and Hassle

Time factor is the most important factor to consider when focusing on advantages of online shopping. It saves more time when doing online shopping than in the physical shopping. One can easily buy multiple of products in just a minute rather than spending more time moving to different shelves to look for products physically. An individuals needs to have an electronic gadget which can connect him or her to internet and access products over the net. One can use a computer or IPad or Smartphone to carry out the shopping. In doing the online shipping an individuals can click using the mouse, multiple products and make the payment at once. The time spend in carrying out shopping physically is more which can be used in other business. Time is money and with online shopping an individual can place order of many products in few seconds and carry out other important business. An individual also can search for the product he or she needs within the shortest time in different online sites. It is time saving to carry out online shopping and individual should consider buying things online in order to save time (Ships2door 2).

  • Inexpensive Products

The products are provided at lower price in online stores than the physical stores. The cost of storage and service providers salary is cut in online shopping and that is why many organizations offer products cheap than in stores. The online stores do not need the seller to pay for electricity, rent, cashiers and this reduces the cost of products. An individual can also buy products in a different country with good prices. The cost of transport is also saved when doing online shopping, an individual does not need to travel to the stores in order to get the product but he or she can make the shopping even at the bedroom. It is relatively cheap to make shopping online than shopping at the stores and individuals should consider online shopping (HubPages 3).

  • Products are Easy to Find

The platforms which provide online shopping have a search option. Any individual can also search for the product he or she needs in different online sites within the shortest possible time. It is easy to find the product providers because with the help of Google an individual can search for the products and get them easily (Sybil 3).

  • Easy to Find a Great Deal

Shopping online allows shoppers to choose the products they intend to purchase. If not satisfied with the price an individual can easily find another online store to compare the price. An individual can compare the prices from hundredth of stores before making the choice and select the great deal (Ships2door 5).

  • Availability of Buyer Protection

Some of the websites provides buyer protection. Dependable websites have the buyer protection option. Like eBay gives the buyer money back if the sell does not deliver the product bought or the product bought does not match with the description provided online while making the purchase (Sybil 6).

  • Allows Privacy

An individual can buy the products which he or she does not need to buy publicly. Online shopping enables people to buy things which they consider private freely without any fear (HubPages 4).

  • E-Businesses Support

Online shopping provides support of e-business. People who do not have enough capital to start up business can place products at online platforms. It does not need one to pay for a store rent or tax in order to start selling products online. Online shopping helps in reducing unemployment because people can start up new business (Ships2door 5).

Pros and Cons of Online Shopping

Disadvantages and Cons of Online Shopping

  • Delay

After making the payment the shipping process can take quite sometime. An individual has to wait for days for the product to be shipped. It is not recommendable for an individual to shop online products which are needed urgently (Sybil 3).

  • Inferior Product

Online shopping does not involve physical torch of the product but an individual just sees the product over the internet. The product may be of low quality or the material may not be good. An individual can be convinced to buy inferior products due to lack of physical contact (HubPages 4).

  • Shipping Charges

Shipping of the product is not free and the buyer has to pay for shipment fee for the product to be delivered (HubPages 2).

  • Delivery Problem

Sometime, online shopping is accompanied by delivery problem. An individual may receive a damaged product due to shipping risk or the product may get lost during the shipping process (Sybil 3).

  • Online Fraud

The number of online fraudsters and scammers is increasing and the buyer can be easily scammed. Different websites have been opened where scammers and fraudsters place their products which they never deliver. Making payment using credit card online is also risk as fraudsters can take the credit card number and start using the card for online transaction without the owners consent. In order to be safe individuals should only buy items from trusted online dealers and websites (Lipka 5).


Internet and technology advancement have made it easy for individuals to carry out shopping online. It is easier to do shopping online than going physically to the stores. It is easy to be scammed when doing online shopping and people should be more careful to avoid being scam victims. People should also utilize the use of technology and internet in making online shopping because it is easy and convenient. Online shopping has some cons but it is the best option of shopping.

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