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Progressive Insurance Case Study Analysis

Progressive’s Business Model

The business model for Progresive Insurance involves selling auto insurance. The products sold by the company include;

  • Car insurance,Progressive Insurance Case Study Analysis
  • RV insurance
  • Boat insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance

Progressive’s Internal Competencies/Capabilities

The following are Progressive’s internal competencies/Capabilities that facilitate its success:


  • Many claim adjusters
    • Progressive has many claim adjusters who interact with clients and potential clients on the streets
    • The claim adjusters gather information about insurance claims immediately after accidents and other incidents and transmit it to the office.
  • Effective communication devices
    • The employees of Progressive use effective devices such as mobile phones, laptops and fax machines to to transmit video, written and audio data gathered from clients and incident scenes to the office.
  • Internet technology
    • Progressive uses internet technology to connect, communicate with, and attract customers.
  • Snap technology
    • Progressive offers customers with “Snapshop” technology that provides them with quality services

Contribution of IT hardware to the Competencies/Capabilities

IT hardware Capability Contribution
Mobile phones, laptops and fax machines Facilitating communication among adjusters and office staff and between the employees and customers. Facilitating quick response to customer’s claims and querries
Computers and laptops Allowing access to internet Enabling Progressive to communicate and attract customers through internet sites
Snapshot technology Recording data about the customers’ automobiles performance Maintaining the existing customers and attracting new ones

 Relationship with the elements of Moore’s law

The following elements of Moore’s law apply to the case:

  • Innovation as success factor
    • The, unique innovative services and products of Progressive are the source of its success
  • Research as source of input data
    • The employees of Progressive conduct research and gather data about clients through interracting with them in the streets and on the internet.
  • Alternative strategies/materials
    • Progressive uses alternative technologies to enhance its marketing strategies and also to serve customers.


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