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Professional Selling Skills Questionnaire


Professional Selling Skills Questionnaire or Sales Questionnaire

Multiple Choices

  1. Salespeople should be trained in recognizing ________ signals from the buyer, which can include physical actions such as leaning forward and nodding or questions about prices and credit terms.
  • Closing
  • Approach
  • Follow up
  • None of above

Correct answer: Closing

2.  Sales presentation are used to give an ———- of your product and company.

  • Explanation
  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • History

Correct answer: overview

 3. A sales proposal should use a similar format to a ————-

  • Presentation
  • Quotation
  • Contract
  • None of above

Correct answer:  Quotation

 4. Members of a company’s ———– travel to call on customer in the field.

  • Product sales force
  • Outside sales force
  • Complex sales force
  • Inside sales force

Correct answer: outside sales force

5. Sales applicants are typically not tested for———

  • Organizational skills
  • Sales aptitude
  • Personality traits
  • Accounting skills

Correct answer:  Accounting skills

6. A ——- is a salesperson’s write up of his or her completed sales activity.

  • Call plan
  • Sales plan
  • Sales quota
  • Call report

Correct answer: call report

 7. The first step in selling process is———

  • Prospecting
  • Demonstration
  • Pre approach
  • Presentation

Correct answer: Prospecting

8. The step that follows pre approach in the selling process is——

  • Handling objections
  • Demonstration
  • Approach
  • Qualifying

Correct answer: approach

 9. Salesman is more interested to listen the ——– of their customers

  • Story
  • Need
  • Demand
  • All of above

Correct answer: Need

 10.————— is very important to give a demonstration to your customer.

  • Price
  • Product knowledge
  • Sample
  • None of above

Correct answer: Product knowledge

True False

1.An effective salesperson must be able to what a potential customer is saying to them.

Correct answer: [true]

2. From the buying point of view you must be able to offer to the customer’s problems if the customer is ever going to buy from you or your company.

Correct answer: [false]

3. Good salesperson is not always working to solve problem.

Correct answer: [false]

4. If you are going to be good at sales, you won’t be able to motivate yourself.

Correct answer: [false]

5. In using the sales model you must fully indentify and understand the benefits of your products or services.

Correct answer: [true]

6. Sales models introduce to help you in three key areas: accurate, forecasting, account management and sales performance.

Correct answer: [true]

7. Developing sales properly makes it easier to focus on the best opportunities and you of your time.

Correct answer: [true]

8. Having good information about a target account after you meet a buyer will help to build your credibility, confidence and knowledge.

Correct answer: [false]

9. Mostly buyers that you meet for the first time will be thinking, “YOU SHOULD WE BUY FROM YOU?”

Correct answer: [true]

10. The biggest challenge of any sales person search for business is to gain old customers.

Correct answer: [false]

Fill in the Blanks


1.Selling is an art to identify the ———- of customers.

Answer: need

2.Effective selling skills create a ———– sales force.

Answer: competent

3. While selling a product, salesman should have ————- of the product

Answer: Knowledge

4. The ultimate purpose of sales is to generate the —————

Answer: Revenue/profit

5. The sales man should have ———– quality and ——————

Answer: convincing and sound appearance

6. Customers have found that no single ——————– has an edge and if one does it doesn’t last for long. Suppliers have had to look at different ways to gain a competitive advantage.

Answer: suppliers

7. Sales presentation are used to give an ———- of your product and company.

Answer: overview

8. A ——- is a salesperson’s write up of his or her completed sales activity.

Answer: call report

9. The step that follows pre approach in the selling process is ————.

Answer: approach

10 Good salesperson is not always working to —————-.

Answer: solve problem

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