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Problems Faced by Renfield Farms

Problems Faced by Renfield Farms: A Company of Natural Food

Company Background

Renfield Farms is a company deals with the natural food market as the focus of the company to nourish the lives of the consumers. The company focused on cultivating the wholesome foods so that customers could be provident with the quality. Renfield Farms also focuses on doing the partnership and interactive relationship with the customers so that there could be positive change and growth. The company has the variety of dairy products with the high-quality ingredients and nutritious. There is the frozen dairy unit in order to strengthen and sustain the brand (MAYO & BECKHAM, 2015).

Mission and Objectives

Renfield Farms appointed Marie Jackson as a chief executive officer in a year, 2013. However her leadership style focus on the attention of employees. She said it is her mission to restore the reputation of the company and create the vibrant path for the future”. Thus, she deals with the words with actions she focused on cultivating the brand image she did efforts to provide the product to end-consumers so that there could be the success to the support or loyalty. The objectives of the company were:

  • Win Back Consumers by creating the good reputation.
  • Keep Things Fresh through product development and R&D.
  • Optimize Our Resources means to retain the financial performance.

Problems to Achieve Objectives

Marie Jackson as a chief executive officer in Renfield Farms had to face the problems, as there was the disorganized chain of command and multidivisional structure with the lack of civic virtue. Marie Jackson first failed to analyze the situation of the company but then she made effective strategies.

Most Important Issues

The management of the Renfield Farms made the quick strategies so the most important issue was quickly or rapid changing of the company strategies.

Problem Analysis

Through problem analysis, it is realized that company has the organic dairy products in the market as there were yogurt category and fresh milk moreover, Renfield Farms focus on the sustainable environmental practices so that the company culture could be enhanced and there could be healthy living and honest delivery to the customer.

There were effective brand and marketing, however, when the analysis on the culture was done and accountability of the practices undertaken, it was known the company through launching a Greek yogurt resulted in a loss of market share because effective management system was not there in the company. Regarding the problem analysis, it was known that Renfield Farms leadership was continued to lack the cohesive leadership. There was a Consultative leadership and thus no efficiency carried out.

Occurrence of Problems

The occurrence of the problem was there in Renfield Farms due to the decentralized. There was the decentralized system in the company and multiple of the parties there has the authority in order to make the decision. Thus, the management was not that effective, as it had to be in a case of launching the new products; moreover, there was no effective and independent decision.

Main Factors of Problems

Due to a culture of the organization, the Franklin has to face the issues, as there was decentralized organizational structure, which further resulted in the negative basic underlying, negative cultural strength and not effective communication between the management and the people.

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