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Dear Portfolio Reader:Portfolio Reader

In this particular portfolio, I have included various essays (the hero and heroine tales, arts and community, timeline, finally the research paper) to assist in displaying my understanding of this semesters contexts, especially the cultural aspect. As an individual when I joined the class I didn’t know much regarding the link between arts and cultures of people. I took the initiative to carry numerous research and later realized that Artworks are not just mere paintings, but shows regarding people’s cultural, social, and economic practices. In the ancient period, arts were only used to depict people’s cultures, but due to technologies, the artworks can also be used in Space.

The titles of the three essays that I’m submitting are; “My All Time Heroes and Heroines” where the first of the heroes was Daria Morgendorffer whom I came to know even before reaching nine years. I became more interested in her because she was a feminist to me (she majored in empowering young women). The second hero I came to have affection towards his role has been Batman who was a bit paradoxical in his way of life as he can hide the two identities that he had. I took most of my times to look into his characters as he made me realize that before investigating how deals are made, I shouldn’t rush to justify it. While in College, the hero that I found unique was William Shakespeare as he represented successful and intelligent men, and therefore, I depended on his inspirations regarding family and career. The heroine among the above great men has been Mother Teresa as it is through her I learned on how to improve on life and deal with the obstacles.

Second, essay is Arts and Our Community. The first Artwork is Wheatfield with reaper by Vincent Van Gogh. From the painting, the artwork can be exploited in linking common conditions that human beings face as they labor in various societies to excel in life. Secondly, is Laocoon and his two sons which have used sculpture to shows an important family in the early Greek culture. The responsibility of the family by that era has been shown by the use of painting and marble. Lastly, is the Nine Muses. Here various things have been applied to explain the Greek culture. For instance, there is the use of different colors and musical instruments.

The final essay is the research paper on the “Analysis of ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’” which mainly talks of a father who has a son and struggles to find a new occupation. The title of the film also relates very well in our society as there are things in life that have to be looked twice before changing them, just like in this case the word “happyness” should be checked thoroughly before changing it to “happiness.”

I chose to write the above topics because, by the time I joined the college, I was still inferior regarding analyzing various artworks and documentaries in regards to our cultures. However, I would like to acknowledge my former teachers, writing center tutors, and the librarians for the excellent coaching that has improved my essay writing skills. It has made my analysis of the essays to improve from unit 2 to unit 3. I had a lot of difficulties in writing the essays because most of the previous ones were being brought back for revision, and so by doing more revision, the quality of the above essays is impressive.

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