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Personal Vision and Mission Statement

Mission, Vision and Goals of Life


  • Long lost sister or brother:

I have not seen my brother since I was three years of age, I will be shock if I see him now, andPersonal Vision and Mission Statement rather I may be rude. I am sure I will hurt his feeling if I meet him. However, if my family father, mother and siblings will be happy after coming to know about him, I will also be happy. I will ask my mother first that why he was lost since long time. I know I will hard for me to accept him first but after some time I will be comfortable with him, explain him myself, and like to know about him also. It is somehow very difficult to tell him about myself because my other sibling absolutely knows about me; they know I am good at what and bad at what. Nevertheless, explain own self to someone new and a part of family is not possible; still I will try to explain him myself. Firstly, I will tell him my name, then age, nickname used at home, hobby. I will explain myself that I am fun loving, I like hanging out. I will tell him about my close friends and may be after good interaction I may share my secrets and personal relationships. I will say him to be comfortable with me; he can share everything he wants to and tell me if he needs something. I may take him out for coffee or dinner to be more comfortable with him.

  • Late-life Celebration:

If I am 95 years of age and want to enjoy in late age, then I will have fun. Having fun at this age is hard but I will try to mange things. Family is very important since childhood, the sense of support and belongingness is very important in the early and the late age. As the family provide assistance and care so, I will try to enjoy with my family in late years of my life. At the age of 95 there is no health no money, everybody expect and need extra amount of care at this age. I want people to appraise me and remember me as a legend.

  • Immediate family:

I want my immediate family to say about me that I am honest, I never force them to take my care, I never get angry on their rude behavior, I am sincere, I never complaint and I love them a lot.

  • Friends:

I want my friends to say that, I helped them loved them throughout the life; I was with them when they needed me, and I protect them and even fight for them. I am a true friend.

  • Co-workers:

I want my co-workers to say that I am honest, I worked hard in life to get success, and I never cheated anyone and helped them when they asked for. I am faithful and give respect to others.

  • Community figures:

I want my community members to remember me for long time after my death for my honesty and positive attitude toward community.

  • Observers:

I want observers to appreciate me for the life I have spent with strong belief. I want people to remember in good words.


If I want people to remember me and appraise me in late life, a vision should be there to achieve the challenges. First, I have to decide that what is needed in life and to achieve that what strategies should be made and how should I act. Best vision can help me to perform best actions that can lead me towards best life. In vision I should make plans that where I want to be, and where I am present. If I want family, friends, co-workers and community to remember me in good words, I should care about their feelings and must have positive attitude.


To achieve the visions in my life, I have to make missions, which could smaller or bigger. If I want people to appraise me, I should maintain positive relationships with the family and friends close to me. I have to choose an ethical way, by personal commitments towards honesty and integrity. I should be peaceful in fulfilling my dreams and desire. I should not make bad conceptions about the people. I have to make myself dedicated towards achieving every goal in my life. I want to make missions then I will be successful in my personal and professional life.


To spend a meaningful life, one has to make rules and regulation for his life, if he wants to live great life and if he wants people to remember him in a good way. In my case, I have make mission and vision statements to fulfill my plans, I should also make rules to accomplish the plans. My plans are I should respect myself first, so people will give respect to me. I should not say bad words about people so if they know they will not get hurt. I should practice forgiveness, if someone does bad things to me or say bad words about me I should ignore or forgive. I should be open minded and accept people as they are, I should not always criticize people. I should set positive examples for other and spend more time with myself. Sometimes, I should try to make others laugh and I will try to appreciate my surroundings.


My temperament should be positive if I want to follow the rules I made, for that I should be courageous and talented. I should have the talent to evaluate and access my plans and accomplishments, if I am lacking somewhere I need to fill the gaps. Acceptance of reality is the most effective talent one could have, if person accept all the flaws he have then his performance could be better and improvements can be there in his personality.

Roles as Mother, Leader and Spouse:

Every person on earth have some roles in life, when he/she born until death, one has to fulfill different roles in life. Mother is a person, who plays an important role in shaping the character of her children. She is the one who can make generation responsible and talented with her lot of sacrifices. If I am a mother, I will teach my children about religion, give them confidence and beliefs, I can make them successful by discussing their problems and by protecting them. I will value my each child and try to recognize his/her special needs.

As a leader, I should give importance to my team members; I will involve them in decision-making and trust them by giving them responsibility. I will fairly evaluate them and give them rewards after assessment. I will teach them when they needed and help them in performing tasks.

As a spouse, there are many responsibilities on my part, I should trust my partner, give him love, respect him and will care about his needs. I will be faithful and help him when needed. I will never say bad words about him and will share everything with him.


As I have a role mother, leader, spouse or any other relation. My goals should be to give respect to every relation I have. My mission should be to make happy everyone around me and try to forgive him or her. If I want people to respect me and remember me in good words, I should treat them with love and care and try to satisfy their needs. For vision, I have to think broader with open mind and should be careful about the future, because in future you get what you deserve.


I will make plans to accomplish my goals. First, I will set career goals, and then I should try to achieve targets before date. I will be consistent with my values; I will not discourage myself while achieving the goals. I will also evaluate and do assessment of my plans; visualize my goals. I will be specific and I should have alternatives plans if one does not work.

Meaning of Life:

Definitely, life has meanings; life is meaningful. If one has purpose in life and one is passionate then life is more beautiful. One should focus on his goals and have self-awareness how he is acting in society and with relationships. One should live life for others and should reduce his negative thoughts about others.


The topic was about mission statement, that everybody should have purpose in life; the life without mission and goals is meaningless. To make others happy should be the purpose of one’s life. Person or individual could get happiness if he lives life for others. He should try to forgive others if he wants people to praise him in every role.

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