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Personal Orientation Assessment Example

Assessing Your Personal Orientation Toward Others

The exercise reveals a little bit about myself that how I am in my real life. In terms of observing me in a business relationship, or in overall living standards of life there are no specific criteria present in the theories made by researchers. The unique thing about me is that other than me, no one can understand me well and no one can observe me that who I am. I am a little different kind of person that thinks in a different point of view. The thinking style of me is different in a sense that I do not follow anyone.

I use to make decisions according to the situation and my need as a must. My followers or my near people know it very well that how to deal with me. I do not get Frank to anyone at once and I do not trust everyone. I trust only to those who are close to me as my family. My nature is very much rough or bored you can say. I do not like the involvement of any other person in my life in order to impose the decisions on me. This exercise reveals me differently.

Personal Orientation Assessment Example

The things that I have learned from it surprised me too much. There are too many different things are present in the self-learning theories that I had never seen before and they have very much different aspects of the people in terms of learning about them. The best thing about these new and innovative theories is that they have made the people learning about them in a new and innovative way. Learning about yourself help to understand you about new ways to learn the surroundings around you. When you learn about yourself then you will easily be able to understand the new things around you. When you will learn about new things around you then it will be more beneficial for you as you will explore many of the new technologies and new and improved ideas in order to learn new things about your surroundings and about yourself as well.

I think I will go through with the same orientation system all the time when needed. Actually, this system makes me feel better in understanding myself more as compared to other systems. This system suits my style of orientation, which I choose to know about myself. The best thing about this system is also the way of functions this system performs in bringing changes in the people and as well as in terms of teaching new and innovative ideas learning’s to change each of the mood and nature so that it will change the positivity in the surroundings. This means that you must keep an eye on yourself that what you are now and what you were in the past. If you do not keep looking at you then you are not able to correct yourself and you do not be able to improve yourself any more.

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