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Pacific Grove Spice Company Case Questions Answers

Pacific Grove Spice Company

What Is The Immediate Problem Facing CEO Peterson?

The immediate problem came to the Pacific was the bank’s amount of ratio that they use to deduct on behalf of their unlimited success. They have financed a loss in the start from the bank but later they get so much success that they are now able to give a loan to others. The bank was on an agreement with the Pacific so he uses to start taking high rate from them as well as he increased the profit ratio that he takes from them by observing the highest ratio of profit they are getting from their spices sale.

How Attractive Is The Opportunity To Produce And Sponsor The New Television Program? Is Pacific In A Position To Take Advantage Of This Opportunity?

The opportunity to produce new spices by making new sponsor with the help of introducing it through television programs is very much beneficial and attractive for the Pacific as this will advertise their products more and as well as they are going to increase the sale of Pacific because a lot of people will now know about Pacific. They will find the best quality by specific and they can easily rely on Pacific. This opportunity will facilitate them very much in increasing their sale.

Pacific Grove Spice Company Case Questions Answers

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Should Pacific Sell New Common Stock To The External Investment Group? What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of This Opportunity?

Pacific must introduce new common stocks into the market like kitchen utensils, grocery items, other than spices. They produced these new items because they wanted to increase their sales to a high level. People are fond of spices of the Pacific as they are of best quality as well as they are available at affordable prices by the Pacific company. The new common stocks are not only enhanced the sales of the company as well as they increased the relationship of the company with other industries and improvised their relationship and motivates other to get the same level of workings like Pacific doing in this industry.

The major thing in introducing new common stocks to the external investment groups that it promotes the sales of the new stock that many of the people who do not know about this when they came to know about this and as well as they will be able to have best results in future regarding profit. This opportunity has strengthened in a way that it increases the sale of the company, gives a company a maximum level of output as well as provide a company with the best fame. The weaknesses may be sometimes the involvement of competitor and maybe new stock does not like the people.

Is The Acquisition Of High Country A Good Investment Opportunity? What Are Its Free Cash Flows, Risk-Adjusted Cost Of Capital, And Value? Is This A Positive Net Present Value Decision For Pacific?

In terms of acquisition of the high countries Peterson, get the acquisition of a new small firm at Colorado Front Range. It was a privately held firm on a small level as well. As it is suggested or observed in, many of the organizations in many different states then when a business is started or the existing business take the place of new business or merge any other business with them when they get started with a low efficiency in their work. The company then works gradually, systematically on getting high progress on the highest level in an organization like Pacific.

The Pacific when took over a small private business so that they will get maximum benefit from their sales by unique and different items in the high-class society in the market where they are serving. Every firm or organization works best because of investment. The more investment you put into your business the more you get to benefit from it. The most important is that you invest in the right place in a right way so that your investment may not get wastes and you will get the best result out of it. Investment increased your business opportunities of getting high rates of profit.

Therefore, it becomes time to time you invest in the business so its efficiency will move on smoothly, without any gap or interruption in it. The more you get high efficiency in your new introduction the more you get the best results in terms of having profit as well as in terms of having the good reputation in the market as a plus. The cash flow amount in a firm is maintained by the accounts department of the organization so that time-to-time accounts are being maintained so that effective results could be getting best out of it. The cash flow statement is very much important to maintain timely so that it can keep you in touch with the current situation of the firm’s cash situations.

The capital is the investment in the firm. The rate of capital is always become to be important and be at the normal level so that organization will get the best place in the market among its competitors. The value of the assets and liabilities of the organization must be concerned very much keenly and efficiently so that they will get the best out of it. As well, as if values do not consider well then you will lose the organization’s success. This decision comes to Pacific as a positive decision because it not only increases the working efficiency of the Pacific as well as it increases the fame of Pacific as a plus. The most important factor is that the organization should take very much care of the decisions that they make in order to do good working in the Pacific new introduction of new stock. The more you do good decisions the more you have best appearance and profit ratio of your organization.

Is The Acquisition Of High Country For Stock A Good Financing Decision? Will The Acquisition Solve Pacific’s Financial Problems And Bring The Company Into Compliance With The Bank’s Requirements Without Investing In The New Television Program?

The acquisition of high country for a newly introduced stock into any country’s organization is a good financial decision as they are going to increase the working efficiency of the organization as well as they are going to increase the profit ratio of the Pacific. The acquisition all the time resolves the possible issue of the organization as well as they manage the workings of the organization with best regards and with the best efficiency. The financial problems of the country can be solved very much easily and precisely that they meet the true needs of the company by solving their banking investment needs.

As they are going to invest into the new television programme then they surely are not understood that banks will come to them and take interest from them as their sale will increase and the company is bound to give the ratio of the amount of profit with the bank according to the contract with the banks. Investment in every department is compulsory because without investment no new introduction will get the required success. The Company Pacific still can get Acquisition from the new television programme. The new sponsor that they introduce through television programme will get the most profit among this.

How Are The Opportunities Presented In The Case Interrelated? What Alternatives Produce The Maximum Benefit To Pacific’s Shareholders?

The opportunities that are presented in the case that is also interrelated with each other are development and availability of the new resources as well as the number of people who uses their spices are very well satisfied with the quality of this company The Pacific quality. The opportunities are very much connected with each other that as they are going to increase the sale of the Pacific as well as they are going to increase the reliability and trust of people on them. The alternatives that are produced by the Pacific are the use of substitute goods or products in terms of any shortage of any kind of product in the Pacific. These will produce the maximum benefit for the company Pacific.


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