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Overpopulation Problems And Solutions

Overpopulation Problems And Solutions

Important Problem Faced by Society Today

The current society faces variety of problems that can’t be disputed. Dr.Linda Elder and Dr. Richard Paul tend to insist on critical thinking so as to prevent or solve the important problem faced by the current 21st generation. Good thinking rewards while poor thinking causes problems, wastes time, resources and someone’s energy. The current society is faced by a number of problems ranging from pollution, overpopulation, Global warming, Diseases, religion, War and many others.

On this list, I can say Overpopulation is the major important problem facing the society today. Overpopulation can be defined as; the number of individuals compared to the relevant resources they need to survive such as water. Overpopulation may occur due to several reasons, e.g. uncontrolled birth rates leading to increase in number, ignorance among some families, poverty and lack of adequate knowledge on how to control birth rates. The current world  population today stands at a seven billion mark, this number increases rapidly while the resources are depleted without any replacement. Overpopulation is an important problem because its  associated with other several minor problems, for instance; Overpopulation leads to increase in unemployment rate especially among the youth, through this they engage in criminal activities. Overpopulation is also the major contributor of mushrooming slum houses especially in the 3rd world countries. Majority of the population in such areas lives below a dollar a day and can’t afford appropriate housing. Overpopulation is undisputed problem facing the current society. Thanks to the governments that have taken measures to ensure overpopulation is controlled exclusively. Further increase in population without proper control method can exceeds the carrying capacity of the ecological niche which leads to degradation of Environment. Overuse of coal, oil and natural gas has started posing serious threat to our natural environment. Increase in number of vehicles and industries have led to reduction in the quality of air. Overpopulation is an important society problem that needs to be addressed completely.

Paul and Elder talks about different elements of thinking, for example they claim; all reasoning has a purpose, all reasoning is based on assumptions, all reasoning is done on some point of view, all reasoning leads somewhere or has implications and consequences, all reasoning contains inferences or interpretations by which we draw conclusions and give meaning to data, that all reasoning is based on data, information and evidence. From these thinking elements, one can derive an analysis option of the overpopulation as an important problem facing the current society. Basing my reasoning on the elements of thoughts described by Elder and Paul, my reasoning that overpopulation is an important problem is of a purpose, maybe to find a way of addressing the overpopulation issue. Paul and Elder also say that all reasoning is based on assumption; my assumption on this is that overpopulation is the main important problem despite other problems such as Diseases, War and pollution. They also claim that all reasoning has implications and consequences. This I can conquer with Paul and Elder, my reasoning and elaboration about Overpopulation can have a positive or negative implication on the current society. Giving the negative effect about overpopulation may influence the society to change its perception about Overpopulation and find ways possible to control overpopulation.

Intellectual standards and virtues can be applied to solve the overpopulation problem in a critical thinking way. The following are intellectual virtues and standards that can be applied to solve an important problem;

  • Clarity: Coming out clear in a question or a problem is a good way to find a solution to a problem, when a problem is not clear then it can’t be solved exhaust-fully. One can even express a problem in a different way to ensure it is solved.
  • Depth: To ensure a problem is solved, one need to identify the depth of the problem, for instance we find that overpopulation leads to depletion of resources, rise in slums, lack of employment and destruction of the environment. Such problem can adequately  be solved because its depth is given copiously.
  • Logic: Does the combination of the problem make sense, one should able to tell whether the identified problem make sense, whether the facts given are logical. A problem without logical facts will be difficult to solve while those with fact figures and reasoning will be solved easily. For example stating the world population to be seven billion is a true fact hence the associated problem can be easily solved.
  • Accuracy: A problem need to be proven beyond doubt whether it is a true problem or just a lie, one should give a way in which the problem can be confirmed to be a real problem, once the problem is confirmed, then it can be solved.

From the analysis of the problem, disciplined thinking can be developed, how someone thinks can influence his/her behavior. Positive thinking can lead to a good behavior, while negative thinking can lead to an undesirable behavior. Becoming confident in yourself and the things you say makes one’s life take a different aspect. This makes people to respect you because you respect yourself.

The analysis of the problem given may differ from the thinking of the minimal student, being a minimal student is about finding happiness in what you already have instead of chasing something that can’t be reached.

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