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Overcome User Information Overload and Data Mining Article Summary

The article “Overcome user information overload” is about the development of the informationOvercome User Information Overload and Data Mining Article Summary technology and about the internet and intranet growth, there is large information have overloaded the environment, in the article there are strategies about, how to overcome the load, for the business and community, there is need to reduce the information, which is overloaded. The article has suggested the techniques that can be better used for the overload process, the human casting techniques are suggested, which have the two behavioral states: shrinking and exploring. These suggested stages can be useful in the business decision making while obtaining the useful information from the intranet and internet. There are psychological and technological approaches are given, which can result in reducing the user information overload. There is the information classification that through prioritizing, searching, evaluating, receiving, filtering principles human casting can be done. The significant have been obtained from the study of the article; I also believe that overcome strategies that are suggested can be useful for the organizations (Shi, A fundamental method to overcome user information overload, 2000)

In the article “Data Mining”, the useful information is given about the information technology;Overcome User Information Overload and Data Mining Article Summary information technology is serving the businesses in positive ways. IT is important in the competitive business world, the article has viewed the various business strategies of IT that can help the businesses, to focus on the customers. In the articles, there are ways that how the businesses can get success in the market. How customers can be retained for long-term and how innovation can be done. Regarding the Data Mining point of view, the process of four stages is given, which includes, selecting, transforming, mining, interpreting etc. Data mining process can be useful in the key ideas, technology development, basic concepts etc. After reading the article, it is analyzed that data mining is the promising information technology, which could be useful in the competitive business world as data mining can create the business objectives and can give benefits to the companies and customers (Shi, 2000).

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