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Organizational Strategies for Business Model Innovation

Business Model And Growing Organization


Businesses are based on the appropriate strategies and proper planning so that they can be run properly and their working natures can be maintained according to the accuracy and efficiency that is needed to keep the organization successful and improved as well. A business will only get success if we properly plan about it and implement the planned decisions in order to get success in your business. Here are some of the methods that if properly implemented in the business then your business will grow more and keep on a successful track throughout.

Organizational Strategies for Business Model Innovation

Illustrate The Difference Between Plan And Strategy


A plan is the management of different purposes that you have made in order to complete the working efficiency of your organization. Every organization must have some goals to achieve and in order to get success in the working performance of the organization. A plan makes the working easy and efficient.


The strategy is the way by following that you will make your working easy and with a proper way. In strategy, you must make the designs or layouts in order to finish your work with precision so that you will get the best results in your organization and your organization will become more successful.

Difference Between Plan & Strategy

Plans are the targets that a company or organization must be made in order to work properly to make the business successful. Strategies are the procedure by following those, organizations will get the success in the market in which they are working against their competitors in order to get success.

Provide Ideas And Examples Of Different Approaches To Delivering Business Growth


Innovation is the new thing that you created for the development and success of your business or one of the products in the business. Innovation improves your business growth in terms of profit. Customers more like to use your organization’s services or products if you provide them with unique and innovative products time-to-time. (Ideatovalue.com, 2016)

Technology Management

Technology management is to provided many new technological aspects in your organization as the use of technology always improves the efficiency of the business as well as it increases the worth of the business in terms of exploring more beneficial ways for your business to grow further as compared to other competitors. (Herzing Staff.edu, 2018)

Research And Development

Research and development clearly showing by the name that it has concerned with the research of new and innovative ideas and tasks about the organizations products and services in terms of making it unique and more advanced. The research makes you to introduce new things in your organization that leads towards the development of your organization even better. (Holstein, 2018)

Market Analysis

Market analysis is the view of the market related to your organization working that what are the current trends in the market and what are the current trends moving in the overall market. If you keep an eye on the current market trends then you will be able to get your business on a height of success. (Pestleanalysis.com, 2015)

Mckinneys Growth Pyramid

This pyramid is used to calculate the strategies according to this model business must produce strategies, there are some of the things that are needed by the business management to make the business very much efficient and excellent in performance and those are:

  • Skills to operate the whole functions
  • Keeping know-how of the assets
  • To know about growth level of organization
  • To know about the relationship among the organization’s employees
  • To create opportunities for the business to grow

This model should be followed by all the organizations in order to make its organization very well established and successful among all the competitors organization in the market. (Jbdon.com, 2018)

Business Plan

Business plans are necessary to made as in order to make your business successful every organization’s management should make suitable plans for making the business working efficient and keeping a successful atmosphere of the organization. When you have plans then it became easy for you to know that what you have to do or what must you avoid in order to save your business from being failed.

Analyze The Impact And Resource Requirements Likely For Growth Strategies In A Arrange Of Organization 

Range Of Organizations And Sectors

Every multinational organization has an expanded business and they must handle all the further business and tasks in order to maintain the success level of the organization. Here are some of the Sectors and parts mentioned about organizations:


Mining is the process of extracting new things for the business in terms of making it successful and well groomed. Mining helps to explore more ideas for your business and brings more innovation in your business as well. Mining helps to innovate many of the new things that enhances the base of the business in terms of making it more successful.

Manufacturing, Electronic, Engineering

There are many of the departments in any organizations that deal with the product development of the organization. In many of the organizations, manufacturing department depends on the making of the products for the organization. Electronic and engineering products related to the technical departments of the organization.

Services Industry

The services industries in the organizations deal with the providence of the services by the organization in terms of providing it to their customers. Services are offered by the organizations in terms of making the customers easy and comfortable.

Resource Requirement

There are many of the resources that are used in an organization to set their goals in order to achieve the targets you set for the business. The resources help in making your work in the business easy and as well as they are going to make your business efficiency improved and great as well. Knowing of Human resources in the organization helps to improve the overall performance of the organization.

The HR related to the employees, as they should be focused much. There are many of the equipment’s used in the organization in order to utilize the resources well and all the facilities must be given to the employees and customers as well in order to make them comfortable with the organization.

Growth Strategies Of Small Firms

Small firms have to do a lot of effort in terms of making it more successful and famous among their competitors as they are going to compete with it. There are many of the strategies present in order to make the business grow well.

Product Differentiation Strategy

This strategy is used to make the differences among the different products available in the organization. If there has been no difference created then the organization will not be able to make their customers satisfied with the difference of services they will get from you.

Price Skimming Strategy

This strategy is that strategy in which the price of the market is set initially at a high rate and then gradually it became lower and at the end, it became affordable for the customers. This strategy is made for the customers to attract towards the organization in order to increase the attraction of customers towards the business. The best thing about this strategy is that it maintains the price level as, on which customers focus more. (Tutor2.com, 2018)

Niche Strategy

Niche strategy is that strategy for the small businesses that in the start of their business they first sell their products on low prices and in a target market only. The reason behind this is to make the worth of the product strong in the market on the initial basis. Further, when it gets a little fame then it is being sold in the other markets with market price as a must. (Dwilson, 2018)

Entrepreneurial Judo

This term in business refers to the setting of the behaviors of the business matters with the employees with complete strength of implementing their behaviors well in the organizations. Judo belongs to the strength of the leaders who are working in the organization for the betterment and the development of the organization whether the business is small or on a large scale. (MEANING RING.COM, 2017 )

Blue Ocean Strategy

This strategy in the businesses helps the organizations to collect the ways in terms of exploring themselves in the market where they are not yet served. When they search for the hew markets then they are to be able to know about the exact worth of your organization. (Kayla Harrison, 2018)

Underdog Strategy

Being underdog in the business means that you have to think beyond a champion that what else if you are not a champion and what if you are thinking at the level which you are not going to maintain then you are not a good businessmen you must think beyond the limit you have made in order to get more success in the organization. (Underdog, 2018)

Gain Organizational Legitimacy

In order to gain organizational legitimacy organizations must have observed this carefully that how importantly the operations and production of products have impacts on the overall atmosphere of the organization in terms of making the atmosphere of the organization more effective and strong so that it can get more success in future. (Tang, 2017)

Develop An Appreciation Of Different Business Models And How Performance And Success Of Ventures May Be Evaluated

There are many of the models in a business on which the working of the organizations based on and there are also many of the Revenue streams that helps in making the flow or outcome of the revenue positive and fast as well.

Business Models

There are many types of the businesses that are run by many of the organization according to their working performance or their working abilities such as manufacturing type of businesses can help in making of the new products with the help of raw material provided to them. Distribution type of businesses makes the customers easy for the delivery of their products at their doorsteps. Retailing companies provide the ease to the customers of buying all the products of too many different brands at one place. Franchising enhances the business worth as many of the branches are opened at many of the different places with some different owners that also provide good quality to the people living there. (Parsons, 2018)

Revenue Streams

The revenue system is the most important and efficient system as this system helps in increasing the worth of the system by providing them the high form of revenue for the system as well as in order to get the best results in both types Recurring revenue that has come from the new and improved working in the organizations and as well as with transaction revenue system that enables the working of the system with best outcome in terms of transmission of different of the resources among the organizations. (Ecommerce-digest.com, 2018)

Identify And Recommend Ways In Which Business Performance Can Be Measured And New Ventures Evaluated

Business Performance Measure

The performance of every organization’s working is measured by the working efficiency of their talks that they are going to manage in their working atmosphere. The best thing about the working performance of the organization is that it not only maintains the working efficiency of the organization as well as it enhances the confidence of the organization, as well as employees, feel comfortable if their efforts became fulfill and the result will be very much positive and enhanced as well.

The best thing about the knowledge of the performance of the organization is that the owners came to know about the weaknesses of the organization that are making its worth low. If the management does not keep a look at their weaknesses then they are not able to maintain the progress in your organization and your organization will become incapable of making any progress in the market where they are serving. (Baskerville, 2015)

New Investment Ventures Appraisal Techniques

The investment is the most important factor in the organization as it enhances the working efficiency of the organization because they are going to manage the working in the organization more efficiently and more improved as a must. The techniques that are used in the organization should be very much different and unique and as well as innovative so that they can increase the working efficiency of the organization as well as it enhances the growth of the organization in a positive way.

If the organization working techniques are unique and innovative then these techniques make the performance of the organization improved and make it successful among the competitors in the market. All the technique for being implemented in the organization needs sometimes-heavy investments so that they can act properly and can give best results in the working terms of the organization. (My govt. scot, 2018)

Provide Examples Of Innovation In Business And Comment On Their Success

There are many of the organizations present in the market that are on a small scale but they have used many of the innovative technologies in their organizations to make them successful. The innovative techniques and ideas help them to grow well in the market among the competitors.

In many of the organizations there are many unique technologies has been used which has made the working efficient and more beneficial for the organization that are sometimes computers or digital machines that makes the working very easy and quick as well. There are many organizations that use the electronic system in their working and as well as used internet systems as well in terms of enhancing their businesses more into the market.

The best thing about all these organizations is that the technology they have used is unique and costly as well and they all have inserted different technology in their organizations to get more success from the other this increases the concept of technology more in our organizations. (Henderson, 2017)

Evaluate Environmental Scanning And How Growth Options May Be Analyzed

This is the process of having knowledge about the performance of the organization in the market among people that whether the organization is performing well in the market or not. This system is a type of survey that helps to know about the overall performance of the organization.

Use Environmental Planning As A Tool To Identify A Business Opportunity

Internal Analysis

The internal analysis of every organization is based on the factors that are being used by the organization for the increasing working efficiency of the organization. The performance of the organization should be measured well so that if there is a need for increasing that then it can be increased with the proper efficiency. There is a value chain business of the organization that is spreader wider in the market that needs to be managed properly.  Therefore, the organization will get better success. The functional working of the organization needs to be monitored consistently so that it can be controlled well and managed properly.

External Analysis

The organization’s external analysis depends on the factors that affect the working of the country from outside like the effect of the economy on the organization, the effect of working performance of the organization of the competitors. The involvement of the government in the organization is working so that it can be able to handle all the situations well and hence the working performance of the organization may not suffer due to any inconvenience in these factors. These factors are very much important to carry out in between the organizations factors evaluation.

Analyze Business That Have Successfully Used Environmental Scanning

There are many of the organizations present internationally that uses the environmental scanning techniques in their organizations. Many big companies like Apple have implemented this in their organization. As these techniques helps to analyze the working performance of the organization well and it needs to be maintained in the organization properly so that the organization keeps on growing well and provides good results as outcome. (Chimoriya, 2018)

Provide Examples Of Strategic Fit In Determining Growth Option

Strategic Fit

Strategic fit helps to identify the capability of the resources in terms of analyzing that whether it is utilizing its resources best or whether the resources are not providing the efficient results.  This also helps to analyze the impact of external environment on the organization. The strategy enables to identify the capability of the resources it utilizing. (Drypen.in, 2008)

Competitive Advantage

There are many of the competitors always working in the market in terms of giving great competition to the organizations. That competition helps to do the work in the organization more efficiently and more effectively so that the growth of the organization remains active in terms of achieving more well growth atmosphere in the organization.

Competitive Positioning

There are sometimes many of the positions that have been made in accordance with the positions in the organizations that compete with each other in terms of making the atmosphere of the organization more successful and more competitive.


In the nutshell we can say that an organization only get the best out of its working only when has passed all the essential steps in terms of making it efficient and complete and as well as it makes the working more organized and efficient while the organization passes all the essential steps while you are going to work in this regard you must focus on the thing that makes the organization well groomed and more efficient in working so that the organization keeps on growing well.

The most important thing is that it will make the things more competitive and all the aspects must be innovative for the organization’s growth and for the success of the organization in the market where it is performing their tasks. The best thing about this is that the organization keeps growing gradually and it keeps the working efficient all over the time.

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