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Opportunities and Challenges of Electronic Commerce

Opportunities And Problems of Social Electronic Commerce

Effectiveness And Your Use of The Learning Experience

In making the research on this topic I have learned so many things about the social electronic commerce. Social media is an essential part of the people now a day. People cannot even think of living without using social media sites. These sites are working very efficiently in terms of communicating people with each other more efficiently and more effectively at all the differences where people live. In learning about this I have learned that social media with the ease of its applications making the use of them very easy and effective as well as very informative as well.

The experienced that I have learned my opinions about that are those things that are making the life of people effective and useful is that these sites not only making the communication effective, as well as they, are going to make the life of people more innovative by making them learning new technologies that explore new ways of earning and learning from them. This experience is very much valued that in order to learn new things we must have to do a lot of research and as well as it explores many new ways of making your learning skills more efficient.

Opportunities and Challenges of Electronic Commerce

Usefulness of Learning Process

The learning process is a very useful act as it increases my knowledge about the social media usage and how to take advantage of their use. The coursework was to know about the opportunities and problems of e-commerce. There are many opportunities of doing a business on a social level it explores many unique ways in terms of expanding your business at a large area of the land so that you can get more success, can achieve targets better and make your fame more across the world. The programme was based on an understanding of the issues in this business as well. There may come many of the issues in this regard that these may be considered fake by other people as many of the people cheat other because there is no proper face to face transaction happened in that business. It may be considered biased as too many people will work on the internet as e-commerce.

The future of this system or business is very successful as this system is very much efficient and it is very much beneficial as now a day people wanted everything by just sitting at home. The internet business facilities are making the lives of people easy as well as comfortable by providing them with all facilities at home. Generally, they are making the lives of people very easy and comfortable for both seller and the buyer as well. In future, I will try to explore more new ways and I will make my E-commerce business more successful.

Objectives of Learning Process

While learning new things about the social electronic commerce I have explored many new ideas about the new E-commerce business as well as I analyzed many unique and beneficial ways to get success in the E-commerce business as well as in terms of making new business very much successful and I learned the tools and techniques that can increase my knowledge about social electronic commerce. There are many of the unique ways introduced still that makes the working very efficient and important as well. I saw many previous working strategies and analyzed their customer feedback that how they are serving them.

Evaluation of My Learning

I evaluated from my learning that E-commerce on social media is very much beneficial and it makes the business of people very much successful. It includes the usage of many technologies as well as it increases the efficiency of the business as it explores across the world through just one click. They fame in E-commerce is much more than the fame business persons get in local level. The marketing on social media is very quick and beneficial and it makes the advertising process very easy and efficient as well.

There are some problems that it may not be secure some time as it makes the data to be captured by the hackers and they can track you. People also do fraud with the customers as there is no face to face connection between the customers and sellers in E-commerce.

My Learning in This Process

I have learned my unique and different ideas how to do a business online so that I can also apply all my learning outcomes in future at my business. The most important is that the observations of mine about E-commerce are all very much beneficial and all are gaining too much success and growing well. People are learning the e-commerce in order to explore new innovative ideas and strategies in their business as well as they have introduced many new ways to gain more traffic on their business website.

How I Will Apply My Learning in Future

In future, I have a plan to start my business on E-commerce portal. The things that I have learned in this process I will definitely apply them on my future business as well as I will do more new alternative tasks in order to get more fame from the business by doing heavy marketing through all social media sites among the people across the world. The tools and techniques that I have learned from this process help me a lot in understanding all the pros and cons of the E-commerce business that how I can get success with it and how I can be able to get the solution of the problems or issues came if any in my business. The best thing is that on the internet there are too many helpful websites are present that supports you in making your E-commerce or online business more successful and they will guide you how you can facilitate your business more with the best implementation of the unique and innovative ideas in your business.


In the nutshell, we can say that the E-commerce business now a day very common in the world. It is exploring very much around the world as this business is making the lives of people very much comfortable that they can have everything by just sitting at home. There are many of the applications have been issued that makes the lives of people easy that they just have to download that application and use them for the purpose they wanted to use. This thing makes the life of people easy but as well as it makes the people dull and lazy as they have all the access now a day on mobile.

They do not go out and do something so this thing is making them dull as well as there are very much chances of being a fraud by the people as there is no face to face communication occurred in this way. These chances are not very much now a day as there are many of the unique technologies have occurred in the market that they are going to make the life of people safe. My learning in this procedure is very much increased about online business and it benefits me a lot in my future ahead.

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