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Open Borders Pros and Cons


Open borders can be explained as the process that is done to make the life easier for all people; however, people could easily trade with the open borders. It is an administrative process which could involve the issues of the drug trafficking because people could promote it, it will also allow the refugees to escape from the countries, there can be the dangerous or worst situations brought to the countries.

Open Borders Pros and Cons


There are pros of the open borders:

  • Products varietyOpen Borders Pros and Cons

Due to the open border, there will be the maximum products in the country, as it encourages the immigration and thus, the economic growth can be promoted. There can be the high-skilled immigrants who can produce the innovative products for the country; there could be the variety of new products in this way and country’s productivity can be increased. Different immigration policies will contribute to productivity and promotes or encourage talent (Storm, 2009).

  • Increased economic growth

The open border can promote the economic growth because there will be the low-skilled immigrant in the country and they will help the country to smooth the economic fluctuations for more economic benefits.

  • Skills variety

The open border will allow the people to come in the country with the talent and skills, thus, there will be the variety of skills in the country and people will able to migrate and they will get the greater chance so that they spend the successful and safe life.

  • Diversity

The open border will promote the greater diversity in the countries, as it will make people promote tolerance. Through open borders country, people will be able to accept the diversity there will be equality in religions and cultures, there can be benefits of the economic and moral incentive.

  • Education (more traveling)

The open border can promote the educational facilities in the country providing people with opportunities, it is based on the crucial for innovation because there will be a promotion of world-class education in an open society.

  • Competition more efficiency

Open border policies will encourage the economies and make them more competitive because there will be the greater welfare and the competition can be enhanced.

  • Trade theory

Open border promotes the trade theory example, the neoclassical trade theory in which the free trade leads to factors of price equalization and the theory of logic of collective action can also be implemented regarding focuses on open border trade.

  • Globalization

Globalization and open borders have the major connection because there is the ideological competition in the changing of the world from the business perspectives, however, the variety of industries and cultures can promote globalization.

  • Offshoring

Open borders also provide the benefits of the offshoring as of industry, as there can be the benefits for the call center.

  • Call center

The employees can be hired for the services at the lesser or cheaper prices.

  • Innovation

The open border can promote efficiency and the economy benefited by experience innovative capacity and the competent domestic labor market.

  • Technology transfer

The open border will support the tools for the open innovation because there can be the cross-border specialization and supplementary collaboration opportunities.

  • New standards

There will be the new standards in the country example, software development etc.

  • Global benefits

There are the benefits for the global economy because there will be free movement of labor and countries can get the better position in order to understand the global benefits.

  • Open minded- tolerance

The open border can change the mind of the host country as people can be opening minded because they focus on diversity.

  • Lower government spending

There will be lower government spending due to open borders because it will decrease fiscal costs and the cost of the government expenditures. Thus, the tax revenue can be increased dramatically with the help of the open borders policy.

  • FDI

The open border will increase the FDI because it will support the liberalization.

  • Lower prices for consumer

When there will be the maximum products for the consumers there will be the prices options for the customers, however, competition will allow the marketers to reduces the prices and customers could enjoy lower pricing.

  • Employment opportunities

The open border will promote the equal job opportunities for the people in the country because the country has the maximum resources and capital.

  • Capital inflow

The capital inflow would be increased in the country because maximum people will invest in the country with the open border policy.


There are cons of the open borders example the value of labor in the country will be lowered and people will be desperate for employment, there can be terrorist attacks in the countries and countries can be over-populated.

  • Integration is difficult

The integration can be difficult in the people or countries regarding the free immigration or with the open borders policy because of the statutes of limitations.

  • Competition (smaller companies)

There can be the competition in the companies or smaller companies due to open borders because companies could feel the burden or a threat. However, natives could feel that there is the direct competition with the migrants.

  • Hard to get a job (more people)

When countries welcome talent with the open borders policy, there will be the people with the skills and knowledge and they can be hired by the companies, however, the native and migrates both can face issues due to minimum jobs opportunities.

  • Uncontrolled immigration

Maximum people can come in the country because of no laws and rules and countries can be over-populated.

  • Terrorist threat

The security of the country will be at risk because when maximum people enter in the country there can be terrorist attacks in the countries.

  • Politics (trump, le pen)

However, there could be the political issues in the countries, the example can be taken of French presidential candidate, her name is Marine Le Pen, who put the terrorism on the European Union and Trump expressed support to her (QUIGLEY, 2017).

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  • Laws

Due to open borders, people or migrants in the countries may face the religious or ethical issues with the laws (Carens, 2013).

  • Degradation of natural resources

Open borders also create the issues of the degradation, as there could be the deterioration of the environment example, due to the depletion of resources or the natural resources “air” that are depleted.

  • Poor working conditions

There can be the poor working conditions of the employees due to open borders because of the maximum workers in the country.

  • Destruction of native cultures

Open borders can destroy the native culture because there can be multiple cultures in the country.

  • Impact on culture

There can be the impact on the native’s culture because they could adopt or learn or can get inspired by some other cultures.

  • Unemployment

However, due to open border equal job opportunities for the people there could be unemployment.

  • Quality (toxic)/China

China is creating the maximum products or the variety of products in the lower process, however, the customers can purchase the lower quality products at lower prices, therefore, and host countries can face an issue.

  • Imitation

There could be imitation products in the country at the cheaper prices.

  • Social conflicts

There are the risks of social conflicts in the native and migrates.

  • Certain lobbies get advantage

The open border can promote or focus on the certain lobbies to get advantages and it could support the laws to change them.

  • Backfire

The open border can create the backfire issues, as Donald Trump focuses on to strengthen the America’s borders through driving down the immigration levels. The laws were made to a weakening of the country border enforcement (SALAM, 2016).

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