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Odd Jobs Competitive Advantage and Marketing Strategies Summary

Competitive Advantage

In the sustainable competitive advantage, the companies and the businesses use the strategies, soOdd Jobs Competitive Advantage and Marketing Strategies Summary that there could be an advantage over competitors, who are in the market. For the sustainable growth and competitive situations, the companies can offer greater value to the customers so that there could be advantages, thus the companies in the industries need to provide the greater benefits and services to the customers, so that there could be the higher satisfaction level of the customers(West, Ford, & Ibrahim, 2015).

In the fastest-changing business world, more products and services are sold online. Therefore, the odd jobs are giving the services to the customer, who wants the job. The application odd jobs connect the people who need the job with the people who need the people, the app is using locally in many of the cities and countries. The application has competitive advantages in the market, as the customers are using the app and getting advantages from it, few of the competitive advantages are following.

Differentiation Strategy and Low-Cost Strategy:

Odd jobs application is focused on the differentiation strategy and low-cost strategy so that the customers could be attracted; there is the focus on the differentiation strategy because the opportunities are there for the people who are in need of the job, the application is easy to use and people can contact with each other. Moreover, it is the low-cost app because people do not have to pay for it, so the company is focused on the cost leadership, in order to get familiar with the people.

First to Market:

The application is considered first, to market because people know about it, there are also other applications in the country but it is the most familiar, people are satisfied with the application.

Links Direct:

By installing the application and by searching the right job, the direct links could be created with the employer and the employees or people. The application allows the people so that they could directly contact the employers. Employers can also contact the people who are in need of the job. The questions could be asked and the information can be taken because there is the profile of the one, who need the job.

Easy to Use:

The application is easy to use because it is user-friendly. The employee or the one who need the job can install the application. The application automatically guides about the next steps that how to develop the profile, one need to fill up the information, so that there could be information about the relevant jobs.


The odd job is quick application and sometimes helps others so that they could able to find the job quickly, the odd jobs nearby can be the dream of many people, so the application is providing the facilities so that there could be the quick linking with the nearby jobs.

Marketing Strategy

The marketing strategy has some fundamental goals that are related to the increase of the company sales or the services. There is a focus on achieving a sustainable competitive advantage in the market. However, the short-term and long-term activities or planning is there. Like the services given by the odd jobs, the application has strategies based on dominance, focuses on unique and customized marketing strategy so that the customers or users could be attracted to use the application(Kaufmann & Hans-Ruediger, 2014).

Odd Job Marketing Objectives:

The focus of the marketing strategy is in the formulation, evaluation, and selection of the strategies that are suitable for the goals of the company. The marketing objectives focus on the providing the effectiveness to the people, the company in this can be popular in the market. Marketing strategy is useful because the customers could be attracted or motivated to use the services. Moreover, the oddjobs has focused on the marketing strategies so that the people come to know about the job and get the effectiveness from it. There is the focus on the entrant’s strategy.

The GPS Strategy:

The GPS strategies are always proved attractive as linked with the ease resources. The GPS strategy, which is use by the app, could be called as the marketing strategy because the people attracted as they come to know that through using GPS services, an app can help them in finding the job nearby the location, the marketing strategy allowed or motivated to the people to download and use the app.

Depends on The Job:

The app focuses on the short-term and the long-term activities and planning through making the job dependency in relevant areas of the people. The consumer through the application depends on the jobs, this is the effective marketing strategy by the company because the job dependency or to create the money will allow them to use the app, in order to find a good job.

Minimum Charge:

The marketing was done by making the logos and the slogans like the app charge the minimum cost as compared to the other apps, so that customers could be attracted. If the low cost or minimum charge services are given to the customers they could be attracted towards the services, even if the services are useful for them and helping them in locating the right job for them.

Free Month Trial:

The free trail for the month is the strategy, which is given to the customers by the application, as there is the free usage and for a month and customer could enjoy the free service. I think this application is very useful because in this way, consequently, the customer learn the application and willing to use it again, once he/she get addicted to it, there will be the focus on the usage of the application. Moreover, the decision was good because it is the consumer-to-consumer app, so after using the app and making the relations or earning the money will make them able to use the application.

4P’s Marketing Strategy


Odd jobs will focus on providing the intangible services to the customers and hope to fulfill the demands of the consumers regarding creating money, there can be a clear grasp from our services in the market because application is providing the benefits to the customers, and our product can serve them, only if they are online and have the GPS service.


Pricing decision for our product can be proved to be effective in the market, as the odd jobs focus on low cost or minimum charge services strategy; therefore, it is positioned differently based on the pricing. The consumer can download the application in minimum prices and can take advantages.


Above discussed product and price result in the product promotion because if the product have effectiveness in the market and fair price then there could be benefits in the market. However, oddjobs are using different marketing or promotion strategies to get famous in the market, as free month trial is the effective internet based, promotional strategy and the customer in this way, can recommend the application to the friends.


Deciding on the best place could be difficult for us; however, for the odd jobs there could be different customers in different market, while focused on the internet and GPS strategies’ we can decide the place where young generation is maximum in number example, Hostels, Universities etc. so customer could be attracted in bigger number.

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