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Nivea Marketing Plan Case Study Analysis

Developing a Marketing Plan


NIVEA brand known as the beauty care brands, however, the brand was first introduced in 1911 and the company has the sun care to facial moisturizers for its customers present in the market. NIVEA brand also has the shower products as well as the deodorant products in order to cater all types of customers in the market.

In the year 1980, Beiersdorf, which is known as the international company owns NIVEA and after that, the company has introduced the NIVEA for men range in the market, so that male consumer can also be attracted in the market. There were male skincare products based on the social acceptance of industry or skincare market. Male consumers in the market also noticed the external influences and in this way, NIVEA aims to achieve objectives in the market.

Nivea Marketing Plan Case Study Analysis

NIVEA Marketing Plan to Relaunch

For the NIVEA marketing plan to relaunch the company, it is analyzed that company or NIVEA brand is effectively focused on the beauty care brands or products for the consumers in the market through using the different strategies. In the year 1980, Beiersdorf, which is known as the international company owns NIVEA and after that, the company has introduced the NIVEA for men range in the market, so that male consumer can also be attracted in the market.

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However, after preparing the marketing plan the company NIVEA FOR MEN product range is concerned with the marketing so that the consumer can be attracted, with the re-launching of the NIVEA, the company focused on the men products, however, consumer market was unaware, therefore, and company did the marketing in an effective way. The company can be made its quality more perfect through focused or emphases on consumer needs as it was the need of the men market, in order to provide the quality products to the customers.

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There are key differentiators for NIVEA and their quality of a product is best, the company advertised the NIVEA for men, through call direct expenditure so that maximum customers can be attracted. Example, there was an advertisement on TV, and for the NIVEA for men range in the market, there was focused on the indirect expenditure on promotion. There was the focus on the channels or commercial based on the indirect expenditure.

NIVEA Football Sponsorship to Increase Sales

It is analyzed through the case study that NIVEA for men focused on the football sponsorship in order to increase its sales because in this way, the business can grow and there can be overall directions for the company in order to achieve its aims. However, NIVEA for men or business inform the market that is targeted about the products as the product advertised to attract the people or the consumers, there is the product of men NIVEA in the marketing plan so that target market and customers could be attracted.

Moreover, NIVEA for men or company also wanted to make its goodwill in the market through building good relationships with the market leader. The company focused on the football sponsorship to increase sales of the company or in order to get the additional market share so that there could be more publicity and so that people can be attracted through endorsement strategies, because people love football players and people or consumers in this way, get the information or the knowledge and quality of product.

The company decided the football to sponsorship the brand “NIVEA FOR MEN” because people love this game and at that time football was the centre to attract the people, it is considered as the most focusing point and In UK and at that time people mostly played this game because it is loved by the citizens and in this way people can be attracted, as according to the strategy, people or consumers can be attracted towards the brand if the celebrity is in the advertisement. Thus, it was the reason of sponsorship the NIVEA for men through the football to increase the sales.

SWOT Analysis of NIVEA

The SWOT analysis of Nivea for men is very much important to consider keenly in other formats s they are like to describe above the market condition which is running now a day and that is focusing on the working behaviour of the people in terms of purchasing the new product. The SWOT analysis helps in understanding the current market trend of the product that is going to launch again. SWOT analysis is the complete know-how of the overall strengths and weaknesses of the product and of the overall business and from the dangers that can be occurred to the business in future.

  • Strength

This brand NIVEA FOR MEN is the only brand of UK that gave the strong factor of recognition in the market among other brands. The financial condition of the country is very good and as well as they have a strong market background support. The employees of the company are very honest and loyal to the company. They are very determinant in terms of making the company’s brand on a height of success.

  • Weaknesses

            NIVEA FOR MEN has to face some of the weaknesses that make it little unproductive in the following ways: They had to face the issue of many of the competitors as there are many other companies that have launched the same brand in the market. The sales of the product may affect if they have to face more competitors issue. If they are working on the old techniques and as they were working before the prelaunch. This makes their sale less as many new countries have increased their place in the market by producing new products in the market.

  • Opportunities

The market now a day is growing well so in order to achieve the great success they must achieve the maximum target and as well as they must gather a heavy traffic of followers as well. Their sales increased and they have earned a huge amount of profit.

  • Threats

The competitor’s products are the big threat to the NIVEA FOR MEN product as they are offering the same brand. They are also focusing on the price that they are offering fewer prices as compared to the NIVEA so that they can capture more traffic and can get high success as well.

The Effectiveness of The Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is always beneficial for the product as they make us aware of the fact that what is the current condition of the product in the market and what should the company must do in orders to maintain the positivity in the organization. It is the most renowned brand for the glowing skin for men and women both. They are working since 1911 first they deal with women product only but later they introduced the men products of beauty as well. It has more than 14 products launched until now that all are making the lives of people easy and making them healthy skin as well. It is spread worldwide and all the products that he has launched are of the efficient quality as well.

The brand for men is introduced in the UK in 1998 considering the skin problems of the men that they had to face due to pollution and dust in the air. That is making their skin dull. In the start, it was not very beneficial but later they have gathered fame that their products became famous worldwide and people rely more on their products due to best quality they are offering. They have earned only from male facial product up to 7.3 million pounds until now. In addition, 49 million pound with female facile things. These benefits will make the market analysis beneficial that how the product is acting in the market.


It can be concluded through the analysis of the NIVEA for men range in the market that company emphasis on the advertisement for the launch of NIVEA for men range in the market, as there was effectively focus on the football sponsorship to increase sales of the company or in order to get the additional market share because it is the game that loved by the citizens. For the effectiveness of the facial skincare product, NIVEA needs to increase do innovation in skincare products for the effectiveness. The overall objective of this plan is to observe the productivity of the product in the market.


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