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New Skin Care Product Idea

Sales Management


My product is “Spray Tan”. Spray tan is one of the most up-to-date accessories of this modern world.  Every men or women wants to look good, as tan color is preferred in any industry and attracts to everyone. My product can give favorite skin color, which will last for one maximum one week. My customer will definitely add value to the custom as they recognize the importance and benefits of spray tan. The customers when know that it is easy to use like it has several nozzles and they can and they can use on entire body, when they come to know that many celebrities and superstars are using it, it will add value to our product. On your websites, you can tell your customers about the price and quality of spray tanning, there could be offers, and complete information should be given that spray tanning can be the best way to look beautiful.

Factors Of Listening Skills, Follow-Up Skills, And Ability To Adapt Sales Presentations

My customers are conscious about their skin and about that how they will look; they have buy spray tan only to look good in public. As I have sensitive customers, my responsibility is to listen to the customers if they have any problem, to follow up them by visiting their homes or by checking e-mails and by asking if they have any complaint and they can give any suggestions. Client need on individual basis, should be given priorities if you want to increase your sales in the market. I will adapt presentation skills I will be flexible and confident, I will tell customers the underlying benefits. Try to accept possible objections that customer can complaint about the product and one has to design the product according to what customer demands. Sales presentation should be effective and one should be credible speaker (Renee, 2015).

New Skin Care Product Idea

Customer Satisfaction And Customer Loyalty

If your customer trusts you, they will never shift to another brand, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty both are equally important and play an important role to persuade more customers to buy your product. For customer satisfaction and loyalty, I will try to improve my attitude and behavioral tendency and will improve my product and services. When the customer is comfortable with the brand he use, it encourages customer to shop more consistently that is also the competitive advantage. To understand customer loyalty and attitudinal behaviors is the most important thing. Customer satisfaction is important for the growth of ant business. Customer satisfaction can lead the customer to repurchase the product. It will increase the existence of the customer. Customers will not say negative about you if they are satisfied. To retain old customer is easy then to make new.  If customer is unhappy, there are chances that he will switch the product soon. To meet the expectations of any customer is only possible if the quality of product satisfies them (Beard, 2014).

Illegal Activities And Non Customer Oriented Behavior

Every industry should try to control its unethical behavior with the customers, as this is one of the important marketing strategies. Deceptive or misleading conduct with the consumers can lead your business towards most horrible conditions. The business may have to suffer loss or damage due to such behaviors. Illegal activities like false advertising can also affect ones repute in the market. I will try to make my customers by saying truth about my product. Commercials can persuade any customer to buy the product, as a sales manager of my product I will only show reality only, there will be no hidden fees for my customers, there we will be no angle dusting or false coloring, my product will be exchangeable and I will give guarantee. For example as a product manager of spray tan, I will not sale expire or replica product.

Impact Of Product And Sales Approach To Your Customer

With the developing world, advancement in the products also takes place. As a sales manager, I will also do improvement in my spray timely, as if I can make sprays for every color type, and which will be more comfortable to the customers. The present booths for tan spray are like, one has to hold his breath for long but I can make booths in which one will not have to control breath and he/she will come out dry. I will more advancement through clients or customers feedbacks. I will make spray which will improve skin firmness and make skin younger, increase the maximum hydration. I will provide custom bed sessions for tanning the skin. More advancement will take place with new technologies and time.

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