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New Business Plan Outline Example

Sample Outline of a New Business Plan

Opening a Home Health Care Agency

  1. I would like to open a home health care agency within the next two years
  • The location of the home health agency I would like to open will be in Pasadena, CA

        2. Steps to opening up a home health care agency

2.1 Create a realistic budget for the entire project

2.2 Look for a small office that fits our budget and location preferences

2.3 Identify the laws in my state and gather licensing information

2.4 Create the entire business plan

2.5 Get license and permits top open facility

  1. Setting up the business

3.1 Choosing a name for the business

3.2 Setting up the trademark and dealing with legal entity

3.3 Check domain names on different sites to create our own website

3.4 Create a logo

3.4 Set up office (paint, decorations, furniture, etc)

3.5 Complete anything left of the license and make sure all the paperwork is done

3.6 Create a marketing strategy and advertisement

  1. Prepare all the systems

4.1 Make sure the program needed to run the agency is up to par and schedule with their representatives to train

4.2 Have enough computers needed for all the staff and phones

  1. Hiring

5.1  Interview appropriate employees for the company

5.2 Hire RNs, LVNs, receptionists, and a physician

5.3 Train the staff

  1. Market the health care services

6.1 Hire marking director

6.2 Market on social media, advertisements on diverse tv stations, brochures at physician offices and hospitals

  1. Open business and have a opening party and network with medical professionals

7.1 Sign clients to the home health agency

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